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URWERK UR-105TA Clockwork Orange

URWERK UR-105TA Clockwork Orange 

When the fledgling URWERK watch brand made its debut in the 1997 Baselworld expo they did so upon an unsuspecting world, and one that was possibly not quite ready for them - yet. Making no attempt at following a conventional watchmaking path, their uncompromisingly futuristic designs and interpretations of time display raised more than a few eyebrows at the time, and met with a somewhat bemused reception.

Where many would have capitulated and altered course towards ‘popular’ designs, the two men at the helm of URWERK, master watchmaker Felix Baumgartner and designer Martin Frei, persisted against a strong commercial headwind and thankfully kept their conceptual values very much intact, and the URWERK we know and love today has a much different reception on the occasion of a new timepiece in their now familiar, but still surprising and emphatically unique style.

The URWERK UR-105TA Clockwork Orange is instantly arresting, and arrives to complement an other-worldly collection which boasts vivid orange markings against a sleek titanium case, with expansive black PVD coated stainless steel upper bezel panel and large crown positioned at midpoint on the top edge.

Beneath the bespoke sculpted sapphire crystal the eye is greeted with URWERK’s striking digital/analogue presentation of time via a revolving carousel with four orbiting discs, each bearing the numerals which represents the digital hours. Through each 60-minute cycle, the appropriate hour aligns with the analogue minutes resulting in a clear and easily legible reading in any light thanks to a generous application of orange Super LumiNova.

As the hours pass, each disc moves on and comes back into play every fourth hour, having rotated through 120° to present the correct hour as it sets out across the minutes display. A deep, pointed hand guilloché canopy conceals the carousel which controls this captivating mechanical action.

On the back the URWERK technical innovation continues, with a pair of miniature turbines with orange behind their sapphire panels and three-position wind rate regulator lever allowing the user to opt between FULL (a setting which converts the most sensitive movements into winding energy), RED (less sensitive and common setting) and STOP (which will only wind by hand). On each setting, the functional turbines vary from fast to regular or stationary.

The URWERK UR-105TA Clockwork Orange is presented on a black strap of tough textile and backed by comfortable leather with black pvd steel tang buckle.

At The Limited Edition we are pleased to offer this astonishing piece, brand new and unworn in original manufacturer’s packaging, and complete with full two year dealer-stamped URWERK warranty.



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