An exclusive timepiece which offers the wearer a unique opportunity for personalisation, the Nuit Fantastique Secret watch by Trilobe is a beautifully executed and evocative timepiece. Crafted to display the time without the use of traditional watch hands on a bespoke dial,  the piece has an avant-grade personality infused with timeless elegance. A watch of unparalleled finesse, the model demonstrates exceptional high-end finishing throughout.

So often innovation is fired by the imagination of an individual and such is the case with Trilobe. Founded by Gautier Massonneau, whose quest for a new perspective on the indication of time has engendered an independent watchmaking company defined by creativity, Trilobe launched its first piece in 2018. The company has a small but evolving portfolio characterised by technical mastery and a flair for originality. The Trilobe Nuit Fantastique Secret watch is an aesthetically satisfying bespoke timepiece which has the added appeal of a complex mechanical self-winding movement.

Presented in a Grade 5 titanium housing, the case carries flawless decorative techniques of satin-brushed and mirror-polished finishes which contrast superbly adding enhancement to its rounded profile. With neatly curving lugs and a subtle domed bezel the watch has all the requirements of a classical yet contemporary wrist watch.

 The dial of the watch is outstanding in its uniqueness. Capturing a moment in time special to them, the wearer can choose a date, place and time and Trilobe will craft a dial surface upon which the positioning of the stars at that exact moment will be recreated.  Upon this rich blue bespoke starry sky backdrop, the passage of time is enabled entirely without the use of traditional watch hands. Instead, a trio of individual displays for the hours, minutes and seconds form an exquisite alliance ensuring intuitive time reading for the wearer.

 The hours, each rendered in charming diminutive arabic numerals, are located on a ring at the dial edge. In a stroke of ingenious yet disruptive design, the ring has been engineered to turn counterclockwise and it aligns with the splendid little Trilobe emblem at the 12 o’clock position. Leaving an abundance of exquisite dial surface to enjoy, two recessed interlocking rings on the left of the dial, embrace to form the symbol for infinity or perchance, the fortuitous number 8. With the minutes in the upper section, and the seconds in the lower, a petite triangular pointer serves as a reference for both. Echoing the thought provoking motion of the hour ring, the rotation of the minutes and the seconds also run counterclockwise with each numeral crafted in eloquent script. Both indications are displayed in increments of five, and while the minutes slip by gracefully, the seconds add subtle dynamism to this otherwise tranquil façade, as they rotate upon a disc decorated at its centre with a Clous de Paris motif.

 Revealed through the rear sapphire crystal, the company’s technically masterful self-winding Calibre X-centric proprietary mechanism is revealed. Exhibiting a highly contemporary architecture, the movement has the refinement of meticulous micro-blasted finishing on its bridges and plates, and its linear arrangement with the micro-rotor and balance wheel poised at the upper and lower promotes excellent symmetry. Beating at 28’800 vib/h, it is equipped with a power reserve of 48 hours.

A sophisticated watch styled to capture the imagination, the Trilobe Nuit Fantastique Secret watch is an alluring and emotive timepiece. The model comes presented on a dark blue alligator leather strap secured to the wrist with a pin buckle.


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