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Trilobe Les Matinaux L’Heure Exquise collection

Beautifully arranged and styled, the Trilobe Les Matinaux L’Heure Exquise watch is an effortlessly elegant and complex timepiece that promises endless fascination. The model introduces a beautifully rendered moonphase complication, paired with the company’s unique time indication that dispels with the requirement for traditional hands. A captivating proposition, the model is presented in a rounded casing of Grade 5 Titanium or 18ct Rose Gold, and with dials rendered in either golden dune or blue, with an additional option for a bespoke dial capturing a special moment in time at the behest of the client. A stunning example of independent watchmaking, Les Matinaux L’Heure Exquise is powered by the automatic mechanical X-Centric calibre.

So often innovation is fired by the imagination of an individual and such is the case with Trilobe. Founded by Gautier Massonneau, whose quest for a new perspective on the indication of time has engendered an independent watchmaking company defined by creativity, Trilobe launched its first piece in 2018. The company has a small but evolving portfolio characterised by technical mastery and a flair for originality. Showcasing that most captivating of all watchmaking complications, the Trilobe Les Matinaux L’Heure Exquise watch brings a moonphase to the collection, displaying it to wonderful effect upon their supremely unique dial layout.

Evocative, and styled with nuances of French design flair, Les Matinaux L’Heure Exquise boasts an alluring dial that is entirely bereft of hands. Instead, arranged upon a textured sandblasted finish in either deep blue or golden dune, a duo of discs, both paired with a splendid little trefoil marker, form an affinity to liberate the wearer from the constraints of traditional time-telling methods as they rotate in an anti-clockwise direction.

The disc on the outer dial displays the hours, while the minutes disc is asymmetrically placed on the inner dial. Gently inclined numerals conform to the rounded architecture of the discs adding a further seductive element to the arrangement. Taking up position within the minutes ring, a star studded sapphire disc rimmed with a polished and satin-finished frame creates an ethereal spectacle as it rotates to the rhythm of the seconds. Deeper still, two delightful moons featuring incredibly detailed texturing are revealed beneath a blue azured disc as they complete a whimsical ballet throughout their 29.5 day cycle.

A bespoke option, the Les Matinaux L’Heure Exquise Secret is available on request. This exclusive proposition replaces the sandblasted dial for a dial that depicts a moment in time special to the client by recreating the positioning of the stars at that exact moment in a specific location upon a surface of deepest blue, with after-dark luminescence.

Slender and elegant on the wrist, the casing of the watch has a rounded profile that is enhanced by alternating mirror polished and satin-brushed finishes and it carries a trim and domed bezel. Available in options of Grade 5 Titanium or 18ct rose gold and in sizes of 40.5mm or 38.5mm each with a height of 9.2mm, the lugs of the case curve superbly adding an aesthetically pleasing ergonomic touch of panache to the design.

On turning over, the company’s technically masterful self-winding Calibre X-centric proprietary mechanism is revealed through a sapphire crystal caseback. Manufactured by the acclaimed horological company Le Cercle des Horlogers, the movement exhibits a contemporary architecture and has the refinement of high-end finishing throughout. Notably, despite the momentum required to enable the motion of the patented time indication, the movement has a 48 hour power reserve, with winding via an exceptional mainspring and a robust tungsten micro-rotor.

The Trilobe Les Matinaux L’Heure Exquise models are presented on either blue or brown leather straps secured by pin buckle.


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