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The Romain Jerome 1969 Heavy Metal Meteorite

Through their "Intrinsic DNA" Romain Jerome make use of extraordinary materials salvaged from equally astounding entities, which they integrate into the construction of each timepiece, enabling their clients the opportunity to connect with some of the most momentous periods or events in modern history. This level of innovation and uniqueness makes Romain Jerome watches particularly suited to the portfolio of The Limited Edition.

For our customers who appreciate clean styling, understatement and originality, allow us to introduce the Romain Jerome 1969 Heavy Metal Meteorite watch.

You won't find any of the boldness normally associated with Romain Jerome in their 1969 collection - no, these characteristics have been temporally abandoned in favour of elegance. This is a series of watches which reflect the styling of an era when time-only dials were the norm and when refinement took precedence over complications. Even though the "1969" models form a retrospective collection, each piece is equipped with the up-to-date technical features required for accuracy - and of course, the intrinsic DNA synonymous with Romain Jerome ensures that these models are ultimately highly exclusive.

The 1969 Heavy Metal Meteorite has an innocent and refined appearance, one which belies the extraordinary cosmic entities used in its construction. Housed within its slender, rounded stainless steel case - a new profile designed for this collection - is a dial made from a sliver of Chronodites meteorite, acquired by Romain Jerome after it was sent crashing down to Earth from outer space. The use of this special material gives this piece an eye-catching textured appearance face-on and with a superior rarity over both platinum and gold, the meteorite also adds to its exclusivity.

There is a resolutely steely appearance to the aesthetics of this piece, but rather than being severe, there is naked beauty to be found in the combination of meteorite and stainless steel. Everywhere there has been meticulous attention to detail and there are subtleties to be discovered. The hands all feature alternative polished and satin finishes enhancing readability, the rhodiumed inner ring at the edge of the dial marks the minutes with clarity and the baton markers have a superb 3D aspect.

At the 9 o'clock location there is a small seconds counter which has been styled to replicate the visor used by astronauts to guide their LEM onto the surface of the moon with further space-inspired styling on the crown which replicates, in miniature the imprint made by the landing pads of the lunar module on the surface of the moon. A satin-finished bezel softens the impact of the drama provided by the meteorite, and as always the craftsmen at Romain Jerome have included their signature paws which, although downsized for this series, have been given an eye-pleasing polish. Inside the RJ003-A self-winding Calibre beats at a rate of 28,800vph retaining a power reserve of 40 hours.

But there's more. The 1960's was an optimistic era for space travel, and 1969 marked such a momentous year for lunar exploration that Romain Jerome could not pay tribute with mere cosmetic additions when they created their 1969 Meteorite model. Turning the piece over reveals a grainy stellar pattern on the caseback of each model, decorated with a 3D miniature medallion made from the brand's Moon SilverRJ which integrates actual Moon dust into its composition.

The Limited Edition have singled out the 1969 Heavy Metal Meteorite for its unique aesthetics, achieved using unusual construction materials and we feel that this model in particular offers our customers the opportunity to have in their possession a timepiece which connects our world to the universe in an entirely unequalled manner. Just 99 pieces of this emotive timepiece will ever be made available for sale.




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