; The Limited Edition curates Armin Strom & Chrono Peace

The Limited Edition curates Armin Strom & Chrono Peace

Three progressive partners join forces to launch a customized watch: Armin Strom is applying Crystal Guard Chrono Armor launched by the renowned watch collector Chrono Peace in its System 78 collection. The project is curated by the leading watch blog and ecommerce platform for contemporary independent watchmaking – The Limited Edition.

The Limited Edition, an online platform and promoter of independent watchmaking was asked by Chrono Peace to curate an unique watch collection using Crystal Guard Chrono Armor in cooperation with an adequate industry partner: TLE co-founder Pietro Tomajer, an industry veteran with deep inside knowledge of the Swiss watch industry had immediately one brand in mind: Armin Strom. ‘I wanted a best in-class manufacture with innovative spirit and deep watchmaking know-how to make it happen and that is clearly Armin Strom’ he says.

Armin Strom, the highly innovative full-fledged manufacture based in Biel / Bienne, demonstrates once again its ability to improve watchmaking. For its rapidly growing collection System 78, a perfect combination of modern aesthetics and technical innovation, the brand applied outside and inside of the watch the chemical Crystal Guard – a liquid to clean, seal and achieve glossy surfaces.

Chrono Peace (@chronopeace), one of Japan’s most influent watch enthusiast and collector wanted to offer more protection, gloss and beauty to his favourite watches. He asked the Japanese Kozmez corporation to create an application for more protection and crystal clarity of his wristwatches. They came up with a real micro thin crystal glass layer: this is how Crystal Guard Chrono Armor was born.

Crystal Guard degrease and chemically reacts on any surface to create a micron thick pure crystal glass layer for classy gloss and pencil hardness 9h protection from small scratches. It also adds much better clarity and improve the anti-reflection effect to the crystals. The 100% weatherability of CG layer is proven by Japanese national standard test JIS K2396.

The savvy engineers of Armin Strom headed by Claude Greisler took on the challenge and created a Limited Edition of 5 Gravity Equal Force and 5 Lady Beat models of their System 78collection. The Gravity Equal Force stands for contemporary design and delivers equal force to the balance wheel powered by a motor barrel with a declutch system and a micro-rotor – a world’s first. The Lady Beat is the very first model created specifically for women by the Swiss manufacture.

The customization idea for the collection was inspired by Imperial Blue: the main plate’s front and back side, the dial and the triple bridge construction do glitter and impress in a stunning way. Crystal Guard Chrono Armor has been applied on both crystals (front and back), the hands and on the case. ‘Armin Strom stands for mechanical transparency. Nothing was more obvious for us to be associated to a higher surface clarity with Crystal Guard’ says Serge Michel, Founder of Armin Strom

‘I am very proud to cooperate with today’s key drivers of modern Swiss watchmaking. Armin Strom stands for ground-breaking excellence and The Limited Edition is an ideal global platform for aficionados to spread the word’ concludes Chrono Peace.

Established in 2015, The Limited Edition has earned its reputation among watchmakers and brands, as well as a continually expanding client base of connoisseurs and collectors, as a destination for the most beautiful and often eclectic exemplars of contemporary independent watchmaking.

The Limited Edition is official retail partner and home to more than thirty watch brands, offering a diverse, personally curated portfolio, which encompasses the very best talents, marques and creations to be found across the spectrum of independent Haute Horlogerie.

Co-founded by industry veteran Pietro Tomajer, and created to support and promote independent contemporary watchmaking, by enticing collectors all over the world through the medium of daily tailored content.

As exclusive agent in the Middle East and the UK for HYT, Louis Moinet and Armin Strom (UK only), The Limited Edition also collaborates with some of the most respected independent bricks-and-mortar retailers, with the mission to enhance the fine art of traditional mechanical watchmaking, as well as the fruition by collectors and aficionados.
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