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TF Est 1968 Pens

At The Limited Edition, we have set out on a journey of discovery in the pursuit of the world’s most exceptional timepieces, and on that adventure we have also come across a number of small manufacturers, such as TF Est 1968, whose creations are a perfect complement to the watches you will find on our pages.

The brainchild of Swiss entrepreneur Freddy Tschumi, TF Est 1968 specializes in the design and manufacturing of a marvelous collection of horologic-themed instruments and items which feature tiny mechanical hearts within, and one of the most interesting accessories for the ardent watch fan are their extensive range of horologic-themed writing instruments.

Describing his TF Est 1968 Company as a fun brand, the instruments which he creates are actually very seriously cool pieces in their own regard, and not content with a simple repeated novelty, the collection extends to cover a host of styles, and all of these are based on many of watchmaking’s complications, from the escapement, to moon phases and even on to the majestic tourbillon! In a pen, may we remind you.

It would be easy to dismiss such pieces as novelties, but a brief closer inspection will reveal a level of workmanship and a quality which is on a par with many watch brands whose art TF Est 1968 pens emulate. Available in increasingly complex variations, they really do live up to the standards a watch collector would expect.

The TF Est 1968 pens are all finely balanced writing instruments, made with replaceable ball point cartridges, and the collection opens with the Clockwork and Wheelwork models, both featuring decorative watch components which adorn the length of the pen and finished in rose gold, palladium or black PVD.

The T-Mechanic collection takes the obsession with watchmaking one step further, each one with an actual exhibition watch movement housed inside a tubular glass case which takes up the upper half of the pen, its components inside providing a captivating distraction.

Finally there are two versions of the TF Est 1968 pens which are fitted with the grail of watchmaking, the tourbillon. The Tourbillon Openside has a crystal top and rounded glass side offering a mesmerizing view of this much cherished complication in motion.

Each complication has been minutely recreated using genuine high grade watch components, and while not actually performing a meaningful display, thanks to the quality of materials used and the intricacy and motion of the tiny parts, each set possesses all of the charm of their real-life counterparts, and sets off the overall theme to perfection.

It is no exaggeration to say that Freddy Tschumi’s creations have truly captured the hearts of watch fans around the world, and neither is it any real surprise: in terms of concept, design, perfectly assembled and working mechanicals and the quality of finish makes them a must-have accessory for any self-respecting horologic aficionado!

At The Limited Edition, we invite you to browse through the TF Est 1968 collection of horological trinkets.


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