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With its convention defying reinvention of one of the oldest and most sophisticated horologic complications, the magnificent Track 1 chronograph by independent newcomer Singer Reimagined has dismantled watchmaking history and rewritten the terms, to create the perfect chronograph in an extraordinary new configuration.

For more than two centuries, the chronograph has enabled us to precisely monitor and record the elapsed time between two points, and apart from the base timekeeping functions of the time of day, it has been the most practical and widely used of all complications. This popularity does not mean that the classic design did not have an inherent flaw, however, and while most simply accepted the multi-point sources of information, across two or three subdials, thus requiring the eye to shift between one and another to determine the data, one or two pioneering individuals were addressing this flaw, and in the Singer Reimagined Track 1 Hong Kong Edition that work, by specialist movement innovator Agenhor, has been realised in a spectacular setting.

The concept dispenses with the subdial approach and instead replaces it with a system which reads intuitively and instantaneously. Simple in its theory, but requiring a complete rethink in terms of execution, the logistics behind a configuration which integrates the lapsed seconds, minutes and hours of the chronograph in a single central display demanded a radical reworking, and that is what makes the Track 1 such a significant and groundbreaking watch, as well as one that is beyond cool with its commanding contemporary styling.

The Hong Kong Edition sees the Track 1 encased in a black ceramic-aluminum case, a light, ultra hard wearing material with a matte surface that’s smooth and sleek to the touch. The base functions of hours and minutes are displayed via two black rings with white markings which rotate around the edge of the face. Time is read as the rings pass the six o’clock position, where a static orange indicator shows the hour and minute as they pass by it. It is a clever solution and one that’s very easy to get used to. 

This frees up the entire central part of the dial exclusively for the chronograph where three centrally positioned orange pointers for the seconds (long), minutes and hours, indicate the lapsed time so all three elements can be referenced in a single fleeting glance.

Underneath, the sapphire glass case back, reveals the self-winding AgenGraphe movement by Agenhor which is spectacular and astonishingly complex. At its very heart, a groundbreaking chronograph module seamlessly integrates with the mechanical elements around it, and this enables the operation of this superb central chronograph. With its oscillating weight moved from back to the topside, underneath the dial it beats at 21’600 vph, and is good for 60 hours of power reserve when fully wound.

One of the most talked about horologic innovations in recent times, the Track 1 Hong Kong Edition is presented on a durable black textile strap with decorative titanium rivets and folding clasp.



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