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Making its debut in 2017 the Singer Reimagined Track 1 became an instant classic and the most talked about development in years. The new Track 1 Geneva Edition is a striking evolution of this revolutionary concept turned reality

Innovation is almost a constant in the world of independent watchmaking, with classical complications evolving as different watch brands breathe their own interpretations into the mix, actual re-invention is something much rarer. But that is what this newcomer has dared to do, and not only any complication but the chronograph, the undisputed most popular of all.

Working alongside specialist horologic design company Agenhor, Singer Reimagined have identified and addressed all of this two-hundred-plus year old complication’s little niggles, in particular the need for the eye to move between the two or three subdials and the large central second hand which have always been fundamental to the classic chronograph, to get a precise reading of elapsed time.  Returning with the Track 1 it features an incredible solution that is elegant, practical and very cool indeed, and with it, Singer Reimagined and Agenhor have rewritten the rules of the chronograph.

With the time of day display moved out to two rotating rings on the outer rim of the dial for the hours and minutes, the chronograph functions of elapsed seconds (x 60), minutes (x 60) and hours (also x 60)are indicated via three hands on a single central display, and so the need for traditional subdials is automatically dispensed with, and the reading can be checked in a single swift glance. It is certainly unusual but quickly understood and naturally intuitive thereafter.

The Track 1 Geneva Edition is encased in a special 1N 18Kt yellow gold, an alloy which has a pale straw-like tone and which is a nuanced throwback to vintage sports watches of the sixties and seventies. The black dial, which features gold markings and detail is the perfect complement for the gold case and the three hands are bright orange for unparalleled clarity in all light conditions. The time is read via the two rotating discs, referenced by an orange marker at the six o’clock position and this too is simple and straightforward to check.

Simple and straightforward however are not words one could use to describe what lies behind the sapphire glass case back, because the self-winding, automatic AgenGraphe movement by Agenhor is spectacular and astonishingly complex. At its very heart, a groundbreaking chronograph module seamlessly integrates with the mechanical elements around it, and this enables the operation of this superb central chronograph. Beating at 21’600 vph it is good for 60 hours of power reserve when fully wound.

The Track 1 Geneva Edition is presented on a green khaki calfskin leather strap with decorative titanium rivets and 18Kt yellow gold folding clasp.



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