A superbly conceived and executed wristwatch which applies a thoroughly modern twist on just one of the many inherent uses of the chronograph function, the Flytrack Pulsometer by Singer Reimagined is a stunning and exclusive, individually numbered limited edition piece, which at the push of a button transitions from a time only display into a sixty second flyback chronograph.

Encased in a sleek but imposing mass of Grade 5 Titanium, which has a subtle arching curvature from end to end, and measures 43mm across and 15mm tall, the new Flytrack Prime collection is a cool and contemporary addition to the groundbreaking Singer Reimagined family of chronograph watches, paying tribute to and refining the classical chronograph’s wide and varied uses.

Featuring a single stop/start/reset pusher at the 2 o’clock position, with the winding and setting crown at the 4, the case is detailed with a narrow, finely polished bezel, frosted micro-blasted upward facing surface and waist, and as a special release of three ten-piece limited editions, each one has its own number cast in 18ct gold which is set into a recess on the case at the 5 o’clock.

Equipped with a brand new manual winding derivative of the astounding GPHG award winning Agenhor Agengraphe movement, the Singer Reimagined Flytrack Pulsometer offers a wonderfully innovative twenty-first century reworking of this classical two hundred year old complication.

By far the most popular supplementary horologic feature to be found on the modern wristwatch, after the base functions of hours, minutes and seconds, the chronograph is synonymous with its ability to measure elapsed time, and long before the advent of electronic instruments, it revolutionised the science of timing those sporting disciplines where the margins of success or defeat depended on fractions of a second, and of course a method of calculating them with precision and accuracy.

However, thanks to its remarkable versatility and wide range of applications, the chronograph has also lent itself perfectly to the measurement of different units and values in other specialised fields as well; determining speed over a timed distance, distance covered in a framed time, and even in the world of medical science, which is where the Flytrack Pulsometer demonstrates the purity of its extraordinary functionality, in its most elementary sixty-second format.

With its unique reprioritised time display, and on-demand flyback chronograph functionality, the Flytrack is a watch which is as enigmatic as it is ingenious and minimalist. Using a luminous triangular arrow on an otherwise unmarked dark ceramic disc which rotates around the periphery of the dial to indicate the hours, along with the central skeletonised hand with orange Super LumiNova tip for the minutes, and long thin pointer for the seconds, it is a beautifully simple and elegant concept, and while perhaps not immediately obvious at first glance to those more used to conventional thinking, it is indelible and intuitive thereafter.

The Flytrack Pulsometer features a tobacco brown dial with a matte velvet-touch finish, providing a cool contrast with the brushed gold rehaut around it, and the ecru-coloured markings of the pulsometer scale. Used in conjunction with the second hand which is activated via the piston-topped pusher at the 2, the seconds-as-time functionality is overridden, as the slender orange hand reverts to chrono mode and resets to zero, and then by counting off fifteen pulsations on the wrist, the reading on the scale displays an accurate measurement of the heart rate.

Conceived, designed and developed in house by one of contemporary watchmaking’s great innovators and problem solvers, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht and his specialist movements lab Agenhor, the proprietary AGH6364 Flytrack manual winding movement is a new derivative of the GPHG award winning Agengraphe, and an extraordinary feat of mechanical micro-engineering.

With its ability to instantly transition between time and elapsed time, it is a genuine step forward in terms of how the chronograph can be configured. Through a sapphire caseback the intricate mechanism is utterly fascinating to study, and on a fully wound mainspring, it will run at 21’600 vib/hour for a minimum of 55 hours.

Priced at 26’500 CHF the Flytrack Pulsometer is presented on a soft camel skin leather strap with titanium pin buckle, and will be produced in a limited edition of just ten individually numbered pieces, each one personalised with its edition number in a solid 18ct gold tablet which is embedded into the surface of the case.


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