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SEVENFRIDAY-M1B/01 “THE URBAN EXPLORER” The real soul of a city sits in stark contrast to the over-styled ‘heart’ of its existence. The sharp architectural features of once thriving buildings, stand behind the new-wave of cultural offerings.

The urban explorer - a connoisseur of an effortless, unfaltering style. A man that pays homage to the thriving days of an industry now passed but marches on into the future with confidence and ease.

Our latest release, the M1B/01 captures this essence in its truest form - a juxtaposition of cleverly contrasting materials inspired by the marks of industry, but with a definitive futuristic twist, creating a modern-day classic.

Featuring a statement-making denim strap, set against the cold but sophisticated, boldness of the steel face with sandblasted blue color-way, the M1B/01 combines SEVENFRIDAY’s industrial-inspired design with the punch of 21st-century independence.

Perfect for the customer who wants to showcase something a little more interesting without having to brag. The M1B/01 timepiece is the thinking man’s product, a narrative for a discerning gentleman.

The Urban Explorer is NFC chipped in connection with the official SEVENFRIDAY APP which allows the verification and registration of the watch
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