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Romain Jerome Moon Invader Black Metal Auto

Through a combination of contemporary designs and historical references, Romain Jerome achieve originality throughout their Air, Earth and Sea collections. Their "DNA of Famous Legends" concept adds something special to the mix, giving each piece exclusivity - a characteristic which is finding favour with watch collectors throughout the world. The brand's fascination with space travel continues with the Romain Jerome Moon Invader Black Metal Auto, a piece which we feel that our clients will appreciate for its futuristic aesthetics and of course the unusual materials which Romain Jerome have incorporated into its construction.

1969 was a hugely important year for space travel. On July 20th 1969, the Lunar Module of Apollo 11 landed the first humans safety onto the Moon's surface, causing a generation of young boys to gaze up at the sky that same evening with wonder and a new-found belief that indeed, anything was possible. Romain Jerome pay tribute to this momentous event with their Moon Invader Black Metal Auto watch which takes its design inspiration directly from the Lunar Module and man's first steps on the surface of the Moon.

The Moon Invader Black Metal Auto watch does in fact rest on the wrist like a scaled-down version of a Moon landing craft, with small-scale pivoting "landing pads" at each corner of its case which automatically adjust to ensure that the generous 46mm case wears comfortably.

The dial is composed of metal mesh giving it a high-tech appearance but the main focal point is the distinctive Romain Jerome "X" which dominates the dial, extending over the bezel. Even though this model is almost entirely black, there are still subtleties to be enjoyed and the finishing is meticulous. The textured aesthetics of the mesh section which is deeply recessed offers a superb contrast to the sleek outsize "X".

The small seconds subdial at the 9 o'clock location has a deep polished rim and, at the dial's edge, chunky notches mark the minutes. White Super LumiNova at every five minute marker and on the arrow-tips of the open-worked hour and minutes hands ensure readability.

Perhaps best described as a miscellany of textures and layers, the complex multi-level nature of this distinctive watch face bears witness to the craftsmanship at Romain Jerome. An all-black watch dial is a daring project which few watch brands would attempt. However, Romain Jerome who excel in adventurous styling accomplish the tricky undertaking with aplomb.

The black PVD-coated steel case has a marginally cushion-shaped appearance which softens its profile and it provides a stealthy housing for the automatic RJ001-A Calibre. With their holistic approach to watch design, Romain Jerome have not simply paid tribute to space travel aesthetically, but have included within the construction of each watch case actual parts of Apollo 11 offering its wearer a personal connection to the iconic space craft .....and there's more.

Turning the piece over reveals a grainy stellar pattern on the caseback which has been decorated with a 3D miniature medallion made from the brand's unique Moon SilverRJ which integrates actual Moon dust into its composition.

The stellar pattern continues on the interior of the rubber strap so that quite literally, every feature of this remarkable timepiece has been inspired by the extraordinary events which unfolded back in 1969 when man's ambition to walk on the moon was realised. In a final homage to that era Romain Jerome have limited production of their Moon Invader Black Metal watch to just 1969 pieces worldwide.




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