A watch which is as distinctive as it is eye catching, the Copernicus limited edition by Raketa depicts a spectacular planetary ballet, set against a backdrop of sparkling aventurine, in a display which is dominated by an agate sun, and accentuated by a black pvd coated case.

Named after the sixteenth century astronomer, whose science-altering discovery that the planets revolved around the sun, and not the other way around, as had previously been believed, the Copernicus watch is an iconic design, which has been a feature on the Saint Petersburg brand’s portfolio since making its debut in the early 1980s.

A company with a remarkable history, and roots which span back to 1721 and the famous Imperial Peterhof Factory, Russia’s oldest manufacturing facility, Raketa is a modern brand which is inextricably linked to space exploration. Established in 1961 to celebrate Soviet Russia’s glory, as the international space race got underway, of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s first manned space flight, it’s collections have featured numerous space-inspired models over the years.

Manufactured in a limited edition of only three hundred individually numbered pieces, the new Raketa Copernicus is an evolution on the Soviet era original, and one which is enhanced in every way, while remaining true to the concept. The hands are round ‘planets’ which rotate above a dial of dark aventurine glass, which sparkles like a starry backdrop. Polished steel indices reach across the dial to the off-centred sun, an inlay which is made from a sliver of agate stone, whose naturally occurring characteristics make each piece unique.

The hour and minute indicators are modelled on the Earth and Jupiter, as they rotate around the sun. With the Earth completing one rotation each year, and Jupiter once in every twelve years, this cosmic ratio is replicated on the face of the watch. The circular minute indicator is the largest of the three, while the hour hand’s Jupiter is a solid bronze disc, and the seconds pointer the small ring in the centre.

Underneath, the self winding mechanism, which has been designed and manufactured in the Saint Petersburg manufactory, is gold plated with engraved stars and planets decorating the bridge, while the oscillating weight is finished with neva striping. Beating at a leisurely 18’000 vib/h, the Calibre 2615 has a power reserve of forty hours.

A wonderfully quirky piece with an irresistible presence on the wrist, the Raketa Copernicus limited edition is presented in a case of stainless steel, which has been treated with a coating of black pvd, and measures 40.5mm across.


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