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While for centuries clockmakers and watchmakers alike have been dreaming up new and ingenious methods of displaying the time of day, using hands or perhaps rotating discs in various configurations to do so, the design boffins at QLOCKTWO have come up with a solution which not only is something that’s unique to this company, but also a format which defines the entire brand.

The QLOCKTWO concept is an equal part clock and modern art, and it utilises electronic technology to show the passing time via words instead of hands or numerals. Behind a wide range of sizes and colours, the principle is the same across the portfolio, and at first glance, the square face contains a grid of seemingly random letters. However, once illuminated from behind by bright white LED, these letters form words, which speak the time in five-minute increments in text form rather than by hands which point to it. The minutes are shown with four little dots, with one at each corner which light up in sequence, before all going out again as the display rejigs itself to reveal the next five-minute mark. 

This novel approach to time as an art form has seen QLOCKTWO win several major international design industry awards, including among others the Red Dot Product Design, the Interior Innovation and the Iconics Awards.

Arty, distinctive and exclusive, QLOCKTWO in any of its formats is a piece which will provide an endless source of animation on the home or office wall, table or desktop.

QLOCKTWO pieces are available in a range of colours, finishes, and sizes, from the wall-dominating 180 (180cm x 180 cm) to the Large (90cm x 90cm), the Classic at 45cm x 45cm and the Touch, which is a compact 20 x 20cm desk or tabletop version. It is versatile too, as one background device can display the time in over twenty languages by simply replacing the façade and selecting the language of choice from the control settings at the rear.

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