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Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Gold Tech

Since lifelong friends Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin pooled their creative forces in 2002 to establish their own eponymous independent watch company, the Linde Werdelin star has risen spectacularly, their instantly identifiable high tech sports watches proving an immediate hit among those image aware individuals whose playtime is spent exploring the extremes of the great outdoors.

The critically acclaimed Linde Werdelin SpidoLite collection defies convention and is defined by its lightweight angular and vented form, its skeletonised dial, and the sheer presence of its uncompromising, futuristic and ergonomic design, which are all prominent features in the brand dna.

In the Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech Gold the company have pulled out all the stops in their pursuit of achieving the perfect crossover between strength and minimum weight by introducing their proprietary super-light ALW alloy inner case to house the movement, the forged carbon outer case, with its random blending characteristics combining with the 18Kt rose gold bezel, crown and titanium hex socket screws to devastating effect.

Beneath the 2,2mm sapphire crystal, the SpidoLite Tech Gold dial is a two-part skeletonised arrangement, with the uppermost element pared back to reveal the red date wheel which aligns at the 3, and its outer edge machined to result in unusual but highly effective light-catching faceted minute marks. A small subdial at the 9 displays the seconds. The distinctive squared-off diamond cut rose gold hands are partially coated with Linde Werdelin’s bespoke cool grey Super LumiNova, ensuring excellent legibility in low light conditions.

A limited edition of only 75 pieces worldwide, the series number and the Spido logo are laser engraved onto the black dlc titanium underside bezel and a sapphire crystal caseback offers a full view of the technically excellent Concepto LW 04 movement which has been further modified by the technicians at Linde Werdelin.

The Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Gold is presented on a water repelling black textured calfskin strap with red stitching and titanium tang buckle and, as is common throughout their collections, is interchangeable with any LW strap, opening up myriad combinations.

Working within the confines of the classic watchcase means that it is difficult to do something which is new – yet still desirable, but through pioneering contemporary design, the application of innovative materials and techniques, fine Swiss mechanical movements and superb build quality, Linde Werdelin have managed to create a signature for which an ultra-loyal worldwide fan base has been firmly forged, the like of which is rarely seen in in this most hard fought for sector.

Of course the other notable feature of all Linde Werdelin watches is how each model has been designed around its ability to attach either the Reef or Rock digital data instruments, which provide essential live information for the serious underwater or high altitude off piste enthusiasts – which the two owners of the company very definitely are. These watches are borne out of a real passion.

Simply put, the Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech Gold is one of the coolest and most distinctive sports watches made by any watch company today. Despite its 44mm x 46mm x 15mm size, its lightweight and unique form wears comfortably and works equally well on a male or female wrist. Just a step away from the mainstream, it’s exclusivity increases its appeal for those who appreciate a great timepiece and are sold by the detail, the individuality and the build quality for which Linde Werdelin watches are synonymous.

At The Limited Edition, we do have a strong affinity with Linde Werdelin, and that’s all because of the really attractive bold and instantly recognizable design, the exacting standards of manufacture and overall fanastic quality, and another point of interest to bear in mind is because of the capped low production numbers each year, these watches do not appear very often at any significant mark-down, and so are likely to retain a stronger resale value than might be expected with other non-mainstream marques.
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