Created in celebration of their 20th anniversary, the Oktopus Moon 3DTP Black Ink by Linde Werdelin has all the credentials demanded of a contemporary sports watch with the added desirability of exceptional craftsmanship throughout. Styled with the go-anywhere attitude which is synonymous with the Linde Werdelin portfolio, this stunning edition has been manufactured using cutting-edge materials and is styled with the signature finesse which this independent company have displayed right from the outset.  A commanding timepiece with an immense wrist presence, the Oktopus Moon 3DTP Black Ink is an exclusive release of only 20 pieces.

Designed to cope with the challenges of the ocean depths, the Oktopus Moon 3DTP combines one of watchmaking’s oldest and most loved complications, the phases of the moon with the practicalities required of a modern dive watch. With a water resistance of 300m and with indications which come to life in poor light conditions, this exceptional model is entirely at home in the undersea world, and equally so on dry land where it cuts a striking and stealthy pose on the wrist.

Encased in the company’s proprietary 3DTP carbon composite, this edition is built to be tough yet it weighs in at an astounding 60g. Measuring 44mm across, 46mm end to end and with a height of 15mm, the casing has a lugless profile which enables the ends of the interchangeable rubber strap to secure within the case confines ensuring an ergonomic experience for the wearer. Characterised by its futuristic architectural profile, it combines flat surfaces, pronounced angular edges and features robust crown protecting shoulders.

Circular satin finishing on the 3DTP carbon bezel enhance the technical construction material, with a rougher circular satin technique achieved on the crown, where added grip is required, and where when viewed side on, one will find the company’s iconic calling card, a little octopus engraving denoting the provenance of the piece. Ever focussed on the minutiae, Linde Werdelin have evolved the series to include a bezel refinement which rests at a steeper angle towards the outer case than previous models, a subtlety which creates a more fluid integration of the bezel with the watch case.

Enhancing the visual aesthetic of this almost all-black model, the inside of the sapphire crystal has anti-reflective coating while the dial is crafted to be extremely non-reflective so will appear intensely black. The dial itself is an extremely complex construction, comprising of  five layers each of which is skeletonised, giving the layout a three-dimensional aspect. Underneath the dial, a disc displays the changing phases of the lunar cycle in vivid graphical form. Pristine white by day, it glows spectacularly in the dark, joining the hour and minutes hands which in turn, complement the blue and green lume of the numerals and hour indices.

Inside, the bespoke self-winding Swiss movement features an in-house moonphase module, and beating at a brisk 28’800 vib/h it has a 42 hour reserve of power. It is concealed and protected behind a solid titanium caseback which is engraved with the Oktopus motif, together with a laser engraving declaring the individual number of each model in this 20 piece limited edition. A superb example of contemporary watchmaking, the Linde Werdelin Oktopus Moon 3DTP Black Ink comes presented on a pitch black rubber strap with interchangeability options, secured with a pin buckle.


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