Featuring exceptional micro-engineering and the instantly recognisable styling touch of an acclaimed designer, the Lotus Tourbillon watch by Kross Studio is an astounding timepiece. Taking inspiration from the delicate elegance of the lotus flower, the piece features an incredibly complex tourbillon cage as its focal point. Not limited to this splendid structure, the appeal of the watch is enhanced by an ingenious combination of minimalist styling infused with playful flashes of colour.  

Although they are a relatively youthful company, Kross Studio have already caught the eye and the imagination of enthusiasts throughout the world. Located close to Geneva Lake, their Gland manufactory is a melting pot of creativity, where wonderfully innovative timepieces are brought to life, for the discernment of only the finest collectors. Technical mastery and originality are key elements of their portfolio, but the company also place a high value on collaboration, as demonstrated by their logo, a modified Swiss cross which not only represents their heritage, but which is also a universally recognised emblem for creative alliances.

The Lotus Tourbillon watch is a superb timepiece, designed in partnership with Alain Silberstein, a designer known for animating the watchmaking landscape with his use of primary colours. The watch carries a generously proportioned black DLC coated titanium case which has an elegant pebble-like form. Sized at 45mm in diameter and with a height of 20mm, the lugs merge within the case itself, ensuring an ergonomic experience for the wearer. The overall aspect is that of a streamlined profile, and to affirm its purity, the case is crownless. Instead, within the case side at 3 o’clock a recessed pusher enables adjustment of the time, or winding of the movement by releasing a D-ring, cleverly placed out of sight within the case back. The bright markings achieved in yellow lacquer on the pusher are immediately distinctive as bearing the DNA of Alain Silberstein.

Beneath the high domed sapphire crystal, the centrepiece tourbillon cage rises up. Instantly beguiling it is a quietly beautiful, yet elaborate lotus flower in bloom, with intricate skeletonised petals rendered in titanium with a high polish finish. As it completes one revolution per minute one becomes immersed in this ethereal, airy structure which has been created from hard metal, yet seems to be organic, alive and which is also wholly beguiling. Allowing the delicate framework of the tourbillon to dominate, beneath it the visible movement components are darkened and have been hand-brushed with circular finishing, and thus the illusion of a lotus floating upon calm, still water is achieved.

Exhibiting his passion for flamboyant colour and graphic shape forms, the hands are unmistakeable as the work of Alain Silberstein and as if to showcase his panache for design, they orbit around the tourbillon 360 degrees on a planetary gear hand system. Comprising of a white circle rimmed with vivid red for the hour hand, and a blue and white curvy-straight example for the minutes, they are accompanied by applied indices in alternating white and yellow, and a pristine white minutes track. The combination of the spirited colour tones, unusual shapes and the flawless central tourbillon cage ensure that this is a multi-faceted façade with unparalleled uniqueness. 

Powering the piece, the impressive KS 7’000 manual-winding movement is equipped with a five day power reserve, derived from a single spring barrel. The superbly executed finishing of the components is disclosed through a sapphire section in the caseback, featuring the emblematic cross of the company, around which the D-ring which enables the winding is discreetly placed. Notably, one of the movement wheels has been decorated with bright red circles, a subtle, yet expressive hat tip to the collaborative member who helped to bring this remarkable timepiece to fruition. Also on the underside of the case, at the 12 and 6 o’clock position, a pair of quick release buttons allow the wearer to change easily between the black leather and black rubber straps supplied with each model.

An outstanding edition, which displays refinement, creativity and innovative  techniques throughout, the Lotus Tourbillon by Kross Studio comes presented in a highly original totem-style watch case, which has been created in the inimitable style of Alain Silberstein. Ensuring exclusivity for the owner, the model is strictly limited to 18 pieces.


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