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Konstantin Chaykin Decalogue Luah Shana

The brand philosophy behind the collections produced by Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin is one of innovation born of classic Russian artistic traditions. We may not think of Russia as a traditional watchmaking country, yet its engineering feats are legendary. Flying in the face of convention, Chaykin wristwatches are designed for, in the company’s own words, ‘people unburdened by stereotypes or prejudices’. It’s the sheer joy of watchmaking, in combination with the unique styling and undisputable technical expertise, which makes these such collectible timepieces.

Inventors and masters in the art of watch making are traditionally fascinated by all examples of great precision. Like the Jewish calendar, which became the inspiration for this model.

The very special feature in this unique timepiece, and the entire Decalogue series, is the invention of the first patented reverse movement system of the minute or, in other words, an anticlockwise watch movement, which revolutionises the concept of time reading as a whole.

The fine work on the dial is worth a separate mention. The very well balanced indication of hours/minutes, the moon phase and calendar are complemented by the hand-etched background, which features a representation of the famous columns of the First Temple, the Temple of Solomon.

Biblical scenes are also told in the watchmaker’s own interpretation. In fact, the lunar phase is a direct replica of the stone tablets upon which the Ten Commandments were carved and given to Moses on Mount Sinai, fifty days after the exodus of the Jews from Egypt; this sits on top of the 29-day synodic period indication.

The 42mm pink gold case houses the manual-winding mechanical Calibre K 01-0,featuring a 48-hour power reserve, which be fully appreciated through the sapphire crystal case-back, where one can view the cotes de Genève decorated bridges as well as the gold chatons supporting the jewels.

Historical, religious and horological themes are at once brought to life by a timepiece that defies the usual rules of timekeeping. A unique piece for a unique collection.



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