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Konstantin Chaykin Carpe Diem

Konstantin Chaykin is an innovative watchmaker from Russia. Already registered with more than 10 patents for his intricate watch movements, his rise from apprentice to master watchmaker has been little short of meteoric. Chaykin is also the only Russian watchmaker to have become a member of the Academie Horlogere Des Createurs Independants. Little wonder that his creations are becoming highly sought after among discerning watch collectors.

From the Latin for seize the day, the concept behind the Carpe Diem watch is to embody the abstract of time, in an allegoric representation combining creative imagery and refined watchmaking techniques.

Released at Baselworld 2014, this stunning piece features on the dial a hand-engraved representation of the Greek mythical god Chronos, the creator of the cosmos, usually portrayed as an old wise man with a long silvery beard, not dissimilar to Father Time.
In this one-of-a-kind interpretation, Chronos seems to be enthroned, keeping control of the hourglass, the ultimate symbol of time. The beautiful blue dial is framed magnificently within the hand-engraved 45 mm gold case, an absolute highlight on its own.

Gaze for a moment at this timepiece, and the dial in particular, and you will notice the intricacy of the details and the mesmerising movement produced by the passing of time. In fact, the minutes are read from the tiny animated hourglass standing beneath Chronos’s right hand, which looks like a perfect representation of human fragility as compared to the mighty forces of the cosmos.

This piece is an unrepeatable opportunity to acquire, through The Limited Edition, a piece of art and a piece of allegoric and technical mastery.



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