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From a company which has defied horological convention since it first landed from another planet in 2012 with its astonishing and alien language of watchmaking, the new HYT 5 watch is a spectacular creation where time is displayed in three dimensions and vivid green colour, as the hours ooze past in liquid form within a fine glass vein and two big bellows provide compression in this extraordinary watch.

Certainly not a piece for the bashful, the HYT 5 is huge and dominating with an unconcealable presence on the wrist. Completely bereft of any angles, with the strap ends seamlessly seated inside the base of the stainless steel case, and a huge dome of sapphire glass which covers the entire upper portion of the watch, the smooth, rounded shape measures 48mm across, and over 20mm tall.

HYT 5 is conceived around the brand new Calibre 501 manual winding movement, the product of a collaborative project with innovations specialist TEC Ebauches. More precise, more refined, and in how HYT utilises traditional mechanical watchmaking to create the drama of a fluid display, the new calibre is an evolution on previous collections.

The enormous sapphire crystal affords an incredible three dimensional vista which includes neon-like luminous green cut out numerals which stand upright around the side, while above, the glass capillary which contains two immiscible liquids; one completely transparent, the other a vivid green, emerges from the depths of the watch at the six position. Over the course of a twelve hour cycle, the liquids are moved hydraulically through the circular tube to display the hours, as one of the two bellows applies a constant pressure as it contracts, forcing the liquids outwards and around, while the other simultaneously draws it in.

At the centre of the finely sandblasted, multi-part rhodiumised plate, the minutes are displayed on an elevated ring dial, which is flanked either side by a tiny seconds pointer and power reserve indicated by a red swoosh, and although the display is unlike any other, it is surprisingly easy to become familiar with, and reading the time is straightforward.

On the underside, a sapphire caseback reveals further just how complex the movement is, and how the long mobile lever curves across to an elaborate cam wheel unifies the mechanical and fluidic technologies. Fully wound, the single barrel has a 65 hour power reserve, and the balance pulsates at 28’800 vib/h.

Presented on a perforated rubber strap, its finish mimicked on the crown, and with its head turning futuristic aesthetics and innovative technical invention, the HYT 5 is an extraordinary watch which has no equal or imitator.


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