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HYT H2 Full Bronze

The youthful independent watchmaking company HYT are famous for their forward-thinking designs.

Although generations of watchmakers have devised methods to keep mechanical components safely sealed from liquids, HYT have flown in the face of these traditions, by introducing an astounding complication to the industry – the fluidic indication of time.

The HYT H2 Full Bronze limited edition model expands the company’s small but growing portfolio, and presents itself as a visually spectacular proposition.

HYT collaborated with prestigious movement designers, Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi to create the extraordinary hydro-mechanical system which powers the H2’s unusual indications.

In an unprecedented arrangement, traditional watchmaking components, together with a system of reservoirs and bellows enable liquid to be forced through a capillary.  The position of the liquid in the capillary, which circumnavigates the dial, serves to indicate the hours.

Naturally, such a unique concept has engendered a dial of supreme interest.  The “V” shaped bellows above the 6 o’clock add a touch of pure automotive styling, while at 12 o’clock the balance rises up as if to affirm that this is indeed, a mechanical wristwatch. 

The sensitivity of the retrograde yellow fluidic hours to temperature can be monitored via an indicator at 9 o’clock and at the 3 o’clock location, a “H-N-R” crown position recalls the gearstick of a racing car.   Not just a watch face, the dial of the H2 Full Bronze also has the aesthetic of a supremely technical interface.

In the centre of the dial, a “dephaseur angulaire” or jumping minute hand, provides an added spectacle, as it instantly jumps after 30 minutes have passed.

The generous 48.8mm sculpted case of this exclusive H2 model is entirely at ease with the polished and micro blasted nuances of its titanium bronze PVD finish.  Further metallic accents on the bridges and movement components bring a new-found elegance to this futuristic timepiece.

The HYT H2 Full Bronze which is strictly limited to just 15 pieces, comes presented on a brown Madras goat leather and alligator strap with titanium bronze PVD deployant buckle.



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