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The HYT H2.0 Blue Liquid watch showcases the technical prowess of this independent watch brand, who by introducing liquids into fine mechanical watchmaking, brought an exciting new complication to the watch industry. The HYT “Fluidic Hour” indication dispels with the need for an hour hand.  Instead the passing of the hours is marked using two immiscible liquids contained within a tiny, curved glass capillary.

With this unique view of the transition of time, the hours appear to flow by without structure.  And, after a period of twelve hours have passed, as the liquid indication goes into a retrograde motion, the wearer is offered a precious moment of contemplation.   Is this an opportunity to reflect and rewind the past or the chance to erase it, and begin anew?  This is a conundrum only the wearer of a HYT watch can answer. With a sleek aesthetic throughout, the HYT H2.0 Blue Liquid is an outstanding wristwatch.

It carries a generous 51mm stainless steel case, from which,  a huge box-domed sapphire crystal rises up to envelope almost the entire watch.  On its steep sides, in a linear layout, Arabic numerals, enhanced with white lacquer, serve to indicate the hours. Beneath this vitreous dome, a superb technical interface is fully exposed.

Encircling the dial, the glass capillary animates the perimeter.  Within it are two liquids, one transparent the other vivid blue.   These fluids are destined never to merge, thanks to their fiercely opposing properties, but they work in unison in order to indicate the hours.

The two multi-layer bellows which breathe life into the fluidic hour indication are laid out in a “V” configuration on the lower dial.  Together they control the precise release of the liquid by alternatively pushing or releasing the fluids. Upon completion of a full 12 hour cycle, the liquids restore to the original position in a retrograde action.  During this process, which lasts for approximately 60 seconds, there is no impact on accuracy.

In the centre of the dial, a phase shift, or jumping minute hand, provides added drama as it instantly jumps after 30 minutes have passed, while a red “HNR” indicator hand indicates the adjustment modes of the movement for hours, neutral and rewind.

Despite its futuristic characteristics, traditional watchmaking components such as the visible balance, which rises up upon its striking blue PVD coated titanium bridges, affirm the Haute Horlogerie credentials of this astounding piece.

Turn the piece over and a new panorama is revealed.  Here the sandblasted and satin finished components of the manual winding mechanical movement can be appreciated and the rear-side of the rhodium-plated bellows can be viewed.   Beating at 21,600 vph, the calibre has an astounding 192 hour power reserve.

The HYT H2.0 Blue Liquid watch wears comfortably on an integrated black rubber strap with black DLC titanium folding buckle.  The exclusivity of this model is assured thanks to its limited release of just 25 pieces.



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