; HYT H0 SOONOW BLUE FLUID · Limited Edition Watches


With a powerful wrist presence and a striking countenance, the HYT Soonow proclaims the fleeting nature of time. For this model, the brand’s fluidic hour indication takes on a compelling silhouette in order to reinforce the transient nature of every moment, whether past, present or future. The piece not only demonstrates HYT’s technical supremacy, but it also serves as a visually stunning call to action for its wearer.

The ethos behind this astounding watch is showcased to superb effect on a dial with unparalleled uniqueness. From a generous 48.8 mm satin-finished steel case, a domed sapphire crystal rises up to reveal the fascinating panorama of a three-dimensional skull, resting atop a grey DLC titanium, perforated dial. In total, 937 perforations have been individually, meticulously drilled. Against this marginally industrial backdrop, a tiny medical-grade glass capillary has been curved to form the emotive outline of a skull.

Contained within it are two immiscible liquids, one vivid blue the other transparent. The point where the two meet displays the current hour, using hour numerals etched in full onto the sapphire. Fastidious craftsmanship ensures that the hour is marked precisely at the center of each word. Within the profile of the skull, HYT has created an extraordinary blend of luxury and thought-provoking architecture.

Standing upright, 313 18-carat gold pins, placed within the center section of the skull emphasise its profile. Viewed face-on they are orderly and precise, however, when viewed from the side, it becomes apparent that the pins vary in height, and that each one has been painstakingly chosen and fitted.
Within the left eye socket, a seconds indicator takes the form of a rotating “Soon” and “Now” motif. For the right eye, a dilating pupil serves as a power reserve. Vivid orange lacquer accentuates the openings for the eyes, nose, and mouth, which features polymer teeth.

Dispelling with the need for a minutes indicator, the HYT Soonow watch places paramount importance on the hours. Uniquely, for this model, HYT has chosen to invert the two liquids within the glass capillary so that the time in the future, not the past, is animated by the coloured liquid.

The reversal of the order of the two fluids, as they make their passage through the skull-shaped glass tube, underscores the ideology of this compelling piece, reinforcing the importance of the precious moments still to come, whether soon or further ahead in our lives. While the vivid blue fluid looks towards the future, the time already passed is represented by the symbolic transparency of memories cherished.

The powerhouse behind this impressive timepiece is the exclusive HYT mechanical manual winding calibre incorporating their exclusive patented micro-fluidic module. Its meticulous sandblasted finishing and unusual architecture can be appreciated through the rear sapphire crystal. The HYT Soonow watch wears on a black rubber strap with a titanium folding buckle. The piece has the distinction of being limited to just 25 pieces.



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