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A watch which defies convention in its technical execution as much as in its utterly arresting aesthetics, encased in its futuristic glass covered case and the striking contrast of black with flashes and accents of vivid orange, the H0 Black Fluid by HYT is a truly spectacular contemporary piece, with a dramatic presence on the wrist, and in any setting.

Measuring a generous 48.8mm across and standing 18.7mm in height, it is an imposing piece, and all the more so with its smoky capsule of sapphire crystal and the uniquely distinctive display of hydro-mechanical horology, which is one part traditional regulateur to three parts of HYT’s science fiction sorcery.

The H0 Black Fluid is the latest realisation of the independent brand’s strange and unique world of watchmaking, where liquids have been integrated to co-exist in harmony with the fluid-resistant components of a mechanical watch movement, and the result is a stunning three dimensional time display which really is like no other. Via a combination of pressurised hydraulics and analogue subdials, the specially created fluids indicate the hours, while the minutes, seconds and power reserve are displayed on a cluster in the centre of the dial.

Dominating the lower portion of the all black dial, a pair of windows reveal the two distinctive bellows, which expand and contract slowly, propelling the two fluids; one crystal clear, the other jet black, around the fine glass capillary which is elevated above the surface of the dial. Over a twelve-hour period, the two pressurised fluids move over an orange Super LumiNova trace which provides a backlight for the display, and at the precise point where the hour is indicated, the two are separated by an invisible but an impervious meniscus, ensuring very clear at a glance legibility. When the time strikes 6:00, the bellows glide in reverse to send the fluids back again over a period of a few seconds, and the cycle begins again.

The minutes and the other indications use orange pointers which are both complementary and effective against the black surroundings.

Turning the round case over, and a sapphire caseback reveals what is hidden from the front. Here the high-tech finishing and complexity of the proprietary hand winding HYT Calibre H0 can be fully appreciated. As with the dial side, the mechanism has two principal sections, with the horologic movement squeezed into the upper portion and the hydraulic ram-like bellows below.

Governed by a cam system the hydro-mechanical elements interact to deliver a smooth but highly original solution for the display of the time. Beating at 28’000 vib/h the Calibre 501 has an impressive power reserve of at least sixty-five hours on a full wind.

The HYT design is unmistakable among any other wristwatch, and as the futuristic concept continues to evolve, so the popularity these incredible watches has grown too. Still, each variant or model remains highly exclusive, and with its cool contrast of black with orange detail, the superb H0 Black Fluid is a piece of uncompromising style.


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