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Hublot La Ferrari

Hublot La Ferrari

It’s far from uncommon to find inspiration from the automotive world appearing on watches. It’s been a frequent source of might be the most simple addition of a manufacturer’s logo on a dial, or it might be markings and layout which call to mind recognisable design cues from a famous dashboard, but until Hublot and the incredible La Ferrari, no-one has considered creating a timepiece whose mechanicals are based on an engine, and the case inspired by its automotive namesake, the equally exotic Ferrari LaFerrari.

A timepiece of profound dimensions and technical accomplishment, the Hublot LaFerrari is as far removed from classic watch design as the supercar is from the family runabout. Designed as the ultimate must have accessory for owners of the new Ferrari, the Hublot is styled to capture the contours of the car’s mid to rear section, complete with the glass engine cover and of course the engine packaged within.

To replicate the vision of a Ferrari V12 engine within the confines of a watchcase, an entirely new technical and design approach was necessary, as no existing horological technology could be slotted in. Hublot’s creative development department devised their own bespoke movement for the watch, and it too is a marvel. It is a perfect marriage which brings together each brand’s most distinctive signatures.

The centrepiece consists of no fewer than eleven spring barrels which are lined and coupled in series, resembling an exposed bank of cylinders, while either side a pair of black anodized aluminium rollers with vivid Super LumiNova numerals display the power reserve (left) and the hours and minutes (right). The small seconds disc at the bottom of the display rotates with the suspended one-minute tourbillon which can be appreciated through its own window at the end of the case where it tapers towards the strap.

Boasting a massive 50 day power reserve, the manual movement requires a winding pistol which is inserted at the topmost side of the case to restore the reserve once exhausted. The time is adjusted from the underside via the flush round crown with the help of a special tool, which comes on a Ferrari key fob.

With 637 individual components there is so much to see, yet the huge size of the case means it appears compact but not cluttered, and the Ferrari/Hublot lineage is clear.

The Hublot LaFerrari is certainly one of the most fascinating timepieces of the past few years, and underlines the company’s evolving creativity. It is an astonishing achievement and as iconic as its superfast namesake.

Only 50 pieces will be produced and we are pleased to offer our brand new and unworn example, complete with all manufacturer packaging and dealer-stamped warranty.

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