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H4 RC44

The limited edition HYT H4 RC44 model combines the pioneering DNA of previous HYT models, with exciting new aesthetics which pay tribute to the spirit of a winning partnership.

Unlike other mechanical watchmakers, who strive to keep liquids from causing ruinous damage within their watchcases, HYT took the bold step of embracing the concept of actually integrating liquid, in order to create a unique fluidic indication of time.

This exclusive model has been created to honour the 10th anniversary of the prestigious competitive sailing RC44 Championship Tour, who HYT  have partnered  since 2015.

There is a supremely technical aspect to the unique watch face of this H4 RC44 model.  The impressive bellows on the lower dial demand immediate attention, but there is much to admire on the upper section, where the mechanical nature of this piece is visible thanks to a skeletonised exposé of the movement. And, of course, the spectacle of the fluidic retrograde hours is a compelling feature.

A transparent sapphire disc for the regulator minutes display at 12 o’clock ensures that nothing interrupts the panorama which lies beneath.  An indication at 2.30 keeps check on the generous 65 hour reserve of power, while at 9.30 an eye-catching small seconds wheel emulates the golden bar, raised by the winning craft during a RC44 race.

In order to make this piece usable, even in the most extreme conditions, HYT have employed some clever design features.

An ultra-light carbon case ensures that it will wear easily despite its impressive diameter of 51mm.  A strap made from high-performance NOMEX fabric, composed of the same Kevlar fibres found in sailing hulls, grips it firmly to the wrist.  And, readability has also been optimised, so that even in poor light the H4 RC44 is readable, thanks to a luminescent coating on the minute hand, and beneath the hour capillary.

The fine finishing of HYT’s exclusive can be appreciated through the rear sapphire case, and a screw-down arrangement keeps the movement water resistant to 50 metres.

From the pelagic shade of deep blue liquid used to indicate the retrograde hours to the high-tech materials used in its construction, HYT have produced a wrist watch suitable for use in all conditions, but which is also ultimately visually spectacular too. 

The HYT H4 RC44 will be strictly limited to 10 pieces worldwide.




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