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H1.0 RED

With its splendid, contrasting anthracite and red accents, the HYT H1.0 Red boasts stylish aesthetics.  But, it is to the compelling red fluidic hour display to which the eye is instantly drawn. For HYT, the passing of the hour dispels with the need for traditional time-indicating methods. Instead, their unique fluidic hour indication, which has been creating using knowledge from the realms of science, medicine, and the aerospace industry, offers a new, exciting way to mark the passing hours.

At the heart of the system is a medical-grade glass capillary containing two immiscible liquids, one transparent the other highly coloured.  Their fiercely opposing properties ensure that they can never merge. Together, they flow around their transparent housing, offering a captivating view of the transition of time. Breathing life into this remarkable feature, are two flexible bellows.  These multi-layer mechanisms release and contract to push and pull the liquids around the capillary in order to indicate the current hour.

The HYT H1.0 Red carries a 48.8 mm anthracite DLC coated stainless steel case. On its exterior walls, shadowy Arabic numerals have been cut deep into the horizontal recesses. Around the perimeter of the dial, the blood-red liquid contained within the tiny glass tube is an emotive and visually stunning feature. At the lower dial, viewable through twin apertures, the two bellows, which advance the liquids, dominate.

On the upper dial, a regulator at 12 o’clock indicates the minutes, while an indicator at 2.30 keeps check on the impressive 65-hour reserve of power.  At the 9.30 location, a small seconds wheel whirs like a miniature turbine. Vivid red accents on the minutes hand, the power reserve and on the hour markers conform to complement the fluidic hour indication.

Turn the piece over, and a new exciting perspective is revealed through the sapphire case back.   Here, the exclusive HYT manual winding movement displays a remarkable blend of traditional and contemporary watchmaking with beautiful hand-beveled and Côtes de Genève decorated bridges juxtaposed with the unique architecture of the reverse-side of the bellows.

In every aspect, the HYT H1.0 Red is an outstanding timepiece.  Although defined by its unprecedented fluidic hour complication and it's stunning red and anthracite colour tones, the Haute Horlogerie finishing throughout also bears witness to the craftsmanship invested in the creation of this impressive model. The HYT H1.0 Red wears on a black rubber strap with anthracite DLC coated titanium folding buckle.



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