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Intuitively we all know that each and every moment of our lives should be valued. The HYT H0 Time Is Precious watch affirms this powerful message, while also demonstrating the technical accomplishments of this youthful watch brand. HYT’s fluidic hour display enables the passing of the hours to take on an entirely original aesthetic. By using two immiscible liquids housed within a glass capillary, the hours flow gently and in doing so, time itself loses some of its structure and discipline. For their H0 Time Is Precious model, HYT enhance their poetic view on the passage of time with a visually stunning and provocative dial, comprising of 63 individual mirrored facets.

Although the impression is that of a shattered mirror, this exquisite marquetry has been meticulously arranged. Each piece has been tilted at an angle so that with even the slightest movement, they catch and reflect light, sending it into an exquisite prism-like dance. Adding to the drama, four open dial sections of varying shapes and sizes break the surface. Around the perimeter, as if to define life itself, the glass capillary which indicates the hours contains blood-red liquid.

Elsewhere, a sapphire minutes subdial takes up position at the centre of the dial, and the seconds indication, which takes the form of a rotating disc, is housed within a small aperture, located at the 9 o’clock position. At 2 o’clock the power reserve is revealed through a cutaway in the dial surface. Vivid red accents on these indications enhance their readability.

On the lower dial, the multi-layer bellows, which are at the heart of the fluidic hour indication, are visible through their own serrated openings.The watch carries a 48.8mm stainless steel case which has been decorated with micro-blasted and satin finishes. On its profile, serving as a reminder of the brevity of life, the

Phrase “Time is Precious” is engraved in front-on and reversed script.

Inside, beating at 28,800vph, the manual wound HYT mechanical movement retains a power reserve of 65 hours. Its superlative finishing and unusual architecture can be appreciated through the sapphire case back.In keeping with its distinctive aesthetics the HYT H0 Time Is Precious watch comes presented on a transparent rubber strap with titanium folding buckle.

This exclusive 50-piece edition is, in every aspect, a stunning timepiece which defines modern Haute Horlogerie. Does it speak of the fragility of the future, or the fragmented moments of the past? This is a conundrum for the wearer to decide.




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