In its own inimitable style of immaculate execution and sophisticated design language, independent watch manufacturer H. Moser presents the eye-catchingly beautiful Streamliner Centre Seconds Matrix Green, an all stainless steel watch on an integrated bracelet, which underlines its place among one of the most exclusive and prestigious sectors in the watch industry; that of the luxury sports watch.

Inspired by the sleek and flowing lines of the high-speed Streamliner trains of the 1920s and ‘30s, when the influence of aerodynamics on the world of design first began to become permeate down from aviation into everyday life, and in adopting that name which is so evocative of that era of style and luxury, the Streamliner Centre Seconds is every bit a Moser, with its daring, yet naturally ergonomic design and signature fumé effect on its striking Matrix Green dial.

Following on from the brand’s first integrated luxury sports watch, the Streamliner Chronograph, a now sold out limited edition which features the game changing Agengraphe chronograph movement, the Centre Seconds model is a production piece which is set to become a fixture within the Moser portfolio. Although not retro-styled, and indeed a thoroughly contemporary wristwatch, there are a number of discreet seventies influences to be found throughout the Streamliner.

The off-square, cushion shaped stainless steel case is instantly distinguished by its seamless, pebble-like profile, with neither bezel nor lugs interfering with its smooth and curvaceous contours. Its upwardly facing surfaces are finished with a coarse brushed grain, which accentuates all the more the pronounced contrast with the highly polished detailing on the sloping edge around the case, which extends onto and along each side of the bracelet, and also, notably, between each of its links. Attaching to the case in a continuous, almost fluidic flow, the bracelet is an integral element in the overall Streamliner design, and its links have a silky, scale-like interaction from one to the next, making it remarkably comfortable, while a double folding clasp secures the watch to the wrist.

The sapphire glass is subtly domed, and beneath it the colour of the Matirx Green dial is reminiscent of green Chartreuse, and together with the alternating in-out layout of the markings there’s certainly a cool seventies flavour to the combination. Given the Moser signature fumé treatment, the dial fades from almost black around its perimeter to a lighter, yet still deep shade of green towards the centre.

The steel hour and minute hands are cool and distinctive too, as they have luminous extensions which provide excellent legibility, even in low light conditions.

On the underside, a sapphire caseback provides a view of the HMC 200 automatic movement and the skeletonised 18Kt gold oscillating weight which spins silently with every move, above perlage finishing and brushed double Geneva stripes. With its proprietary interchangeable modular tourbillon another signature of the H. Moser & Cie., it is testament to the company’s innovative, in-house approach to Haute Horlogerie watchmaking as well as emphasising its uncompromising standards of workmanship. Beating at 21’600 vib/h it has a minimum of three full days power reserve.

As ever, when Moser creates something new, it does so on its own terms, and the same is true of the new Streamliner Centre Seconds. A watch which is instantly recognisable thanks to its unique design, it is a piece which complements an already distinguished portfolio, and while it is not a limited edition in the true meaning of the expression, it will be produced in small numbers, ensuring that it is exclusive and rare enough to retain much of its value in the future.

With its fabulous Matrix Green dial, grainy steel finish and that slinky bracelet, it is quirky, handsome and a beautifully engineered piece, which is sophisticated and cool in the way that H. Moser & Cie have a habit of being able to make its own.


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