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From one of independent watchmaking’s most progressive companies, the fabulous Endeavour Flying Hours is yet another H. Moser & Cie wonder. Cool and contemporary, yet very much in touch with classical watchmaking, it dispenses with convention and reimagines the time display. Its handless dial is intriguing, unusual, and the time not instantly apparent to everyone, which adds a little element of mystery and curiosity to the unfamiliar eye.

Measuring 42mm across and just over 12mm tall, the Endeavour Flying Hours
Is encased in polished 18Kt white gold, its lines rounded with contours which flow from lug tip to lug tip. Sculpted hollows are carved around its sides and the signature Moser cupcake crown perfect a clean and elegant form.

Beneath the gentle curvature of the sapphire crystal, the dial is a blaze of Cosmic Green which graduates from dark to bright at the centre, and its sunburst finish throws back a striking metallic reflection as the light catches it. Set into the dial are three discs with circular brushed surfaces, and stencil numerals for the hours. Overhead, a sapphire ring rotates above a central black steering wheel shaped background, and bears the train-like procession of minute markings which is broken by a 120° gap. As the seconds progress around the dial, the discs jump forward, moving the numbers into position, with the active hour highlighted in white.

Above each number a tiny arrow correlates with the minutes ring and with this tiny detail, the genius of the Moser Flying Hours becomes clear, as a watch that certainly puzzles on first sight immediately makes sense, and reading the time precisely is suddenly instinctive and intuitive. At quarter to the hour, the disc next to the active hour jumps forward, so its number stops above its white background, ready to receive the incoming zero minute, and as its arrow is still pointing at the empty gap until it arrives, there is no confusion, and it waits its turn as the old hour expires.

Inside the case, and visible through the sapphire caseback, the in house HMC 806 self winding movement is immaculately executed in its every detail, with Moser stripes perfectly uniform across its three plates, and mirror polished anglage around their edges, exposing the balance with its Straumann double hairspring beating at 21’600 vph. Above it all a 22Kt rose gold skeletonised oscillating weight maintains the 72 hour power reserve.

A fascinating novelty in the independent brand’s inimitable style, with its vibrant green dial and supremely complex watchmaking the H. Moser & Cie Endeavour Flying Hours is serious Haute Horlogerie with an alluring sense of mystique.




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