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GoS Varing

Few watches are so immediately recognisable as those created by Swedish independent watch brand GoS. Combining the talents of bladesmith and knifemaker Johan Gustafsson and watchmaker Patrik Sjögren; two men who are masters in their respective professions, and from where the brand name is derived, each GoS watch is manufactured using Damascus steel, and borrows from centuries of Nordic tradition and craftsmanship.

The latest collection to be presented is the superb GoS Väring, a watch where the hand formed patterning of Gustafsson’s signature Damascus steel is complemented beautifully by the highly polished bronze ring which surrounds the around the bezel insert. Inspired by a Viking heritage which is close to the brand’s own identity, Väring features a crown which resembles the hilt of a mighty sword, and bronze lugs with Nordic knot decorations taken from the bow figures on the longships which carried its feared warriors to far away shores.

Like all GoS watches, Väring is a piece which is simply irresistible to the eye. The unusual effect of the Damascus steel captivates and demands attention, each one unique and inimitable. The dials are created in the forge by a process of fusing no fewer than 192 layers of steel to achieve the resulting pattern of swirls and pools across its surface.

The hands, in pre-patinated bronze, are spear like and taper to a fine point at their tips. Around the dial, a bronze ring is drilled to indicate the hour markers.

Underneath the aging of the bronze bezel has been treated with a clear resin to seal in the patina, and also prevent it from reacting further due to the prolonged contact with the skin. A sapphire crystal reveals the GoS02 Swiss self winding movement, which is based on a Technotime  TT718 and modified to COSC Chronometer specification, which runs at 28’800 vph and boasts a power reserve of 120 hours.

The GoS Väring is a watch that truly stands out from the masses, and as only twelve numbered pieces will be produced it is also a very exclusive piece. It is presented on a moose leather strap with signed pin buckle.




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