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GoS Sarek Ladies

GoS Sarek Ladies

GoS Sarek ladies watch featuring hand crafted Damascus steel dial in polished stainless steel case on moose skin leather strap with tang buckle.

In a first for Swedish watchmaking duo Johan Gustafsson and Patrik Sjögren, their spectacular new ladies watch, the GoS Sarek arrives in a blaze of glorious metallic colour, and capturing the wild and natural beauty of the Scandinavian landscape, in a shimmering dial of Damascus steel, and cased in mirror polished stainless steel.

At 31.5mm the polished stainless steel case lends itself beautifully to this distinctly feminine size, and with no lugs its gleaming rounded profile is accentuated, thanks to the single centrally positioned strap bars, which allow the case to ‘float’ upon the wrist.

Beneath the sapphire crystal a polished steel index ring sits on the rim of the breathtakingly beautiful dial. An almost psychedelic burst of colourful contour-like pools; rings and rippled lines are the result of the GoS signature forté, by keeping alive the centuries old Scandinavian art of forging Damascus steel.

Handmade through a process of layering and bonding by fire multiple layers of steels, Damascus steel was originally used for the manufacture of bladed weapons thanks to its great strength, rendering the brittle steel blades, more commonly used around northern Europe, as no contest to their Viking owners.

Aside from its superior strength, Damascus steel also has a much more artful aspect, as its layers, when repeatedly fired, folded, ground, hammered and polished eventually reveal an individually unique inherent natural pattern. In the hands of Johan Gustafsson and Patrik Sjögren, the two men have exploited this metallic phenomenon on the Sarek dial to beautiful effect.

Teasing a plethora of metallic colours from the 164 layers of steel folds which make up a single dial, through a further process of heating, grinding and polishing, the GoS Sarek is inspired by the wild and windswept landscape of Sweden’s largest nature reserve the Sarek National Park, and the effect is a remarkable resemblance to its stark wilderness.

Themes of Scandinavian folklore and culture pervade throughout, with sharp, pointed spear-like steel hands, and around the dial the index ring twelve drilled holes mark the hours. The squat, grooved crown too is inspired by the hilt of a Viking sword, and around its flank, deep ridges recall an ancient bracelet.

Turned over, the polished and numbered steel caseback features a sapphire window which exposes the automatic self winding movement within. The Soprod A10 calibre has been further personalised in house with polished bevels and edging, and topped off with the signature GoS ‘triskele’ oscillating weight, which resembles three axe heads.




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