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The GoS Sarek Ice Blue demonstrates the artistic proficiency of youthful Independent watchmaking, brand and its founders Master Bladesmith, Johan Gustafsson and Master Watchmaker, Patrik Sjögren.  Having perfected their Damascus steel artisan dials, the company now pay tribute to the glacial territory of Sweden’s Sarek National Park by capturing the essence of its icy wildness using a dial of matchless originality and beauty. 

For the discerning collector who values uniqueness, the portfolio of GoS watches is brimming with stunning timepieces, characterised by exceptional artisan dials and meticulously finished watch cases. Each piece is crafted with a nod to the company’s Scandinavian homeland and the ancestral styling codes which have been passed down through generations of craftsmen.

With vivid blue tones, the hand-forged dial of the model reflects the iciness of the Sarek landscape yet there is a serenity to be found in its exquisite spirals and swirls.  On closer inspection one is treated to an ever-changing panorama of nuances as varying shades of blue transform in an instant to deep purple tones depending on the light.

Paradoxically, this tranquil façade is created in the fiery heat of the forging workshop, where 164 layers of steel are repeatedly fired, folded, hammered and polished. On completion of this painstaking work, the raw metal emerges as exquisite slivers, each displaying a multitude of colour subtleties with matchless uniqueness. That such a violent process can produce such delicate beauty is quite simply astounding. 

Framing this intense artistry, a twin-layered index ring inspired by the profile of a Viking bracelet takes up position just beneath the brushed bezel.  Reaching out to indicate the hours and minutes, the highly polished spear-shaped hour and minutes hands echo the form of ancient weaponry.  The seconds hand, although less of a presence, receives the same high gloss finish. Bereft of clutter, the only other feature on this alluring dial is a plaque at the 12 o’clock which declares the provenance of the piece.

On the case, pillar grooves carved into the steel add interest and texture, while a sapphire section in the caseback reveals the architecture of the Soprod A10 calibre.  Here, the dark satinized GoS Triskele rotor offers a superb contrast to the bevelled edges of its German silver counterweight. Beating at a frequency of 28,800 vph, the calibre retains a power reserve of 42 hours when fully wound.

 The GoS Sarek Ice Blue model is secured to the wrist by hand-crafted Moose leather strap with a stainless steel GoS buckle. Denoting the uniqueness of each piece, in addition to a serial number, each model bears the caseback inscription of “Sarek 1/1”.


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