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Endeavour Tourbillon

Although the H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Tourbillon is characterised by contemporary aesthetics, during its creation, H. Moser have not abandoned their restrained styling, or their penchant for traditional watchmaking techniques.  Instead they have combined the two to produce a visually stunning wristwatch.

At a glance this model’s impressive one-minute tourbillon, visible through the dial opening at 6 o’clock, demands attention.  If the designers at H. Moser deliberately chose a darkened case and dial in order to showcase it, then they have achieved the desired effect, because it immediately draws one’s eye towards its exposed minutiae.   

The dial itself has been beautifully executed using H. Moser’s speciality fumé technique with the added pleasure of a sunburst finish.  Against it, the elongated appliqué indices extend gracefully towards the centre dial.

The superb blend of an impressive tourbillon, coupled with the eye-pleasing effect of such a handsome dial would be enough to assuage any connoisseur of fine watchmaking, but there is more.  This piece also features an ingenious hidden function. 

Beneath the faceted hour hand, rests a third hand finished in red, which serves to indicate a second time zone.  When it is no longer required, it tucks neatly away, leaving the dial completely clutter-free.

In a touch of bold styling, Moser have endowed this model with a shadowy DLC-treated titanium case, measuring 40.8 mm across.  Even though titanium is notoriously difficult to work with, the craftsmen at Moser have worked the material using traditional methods, and the contrasting satin-finishing and polished surfaces which are synonymous with the brand, have been achieved to perfection.

Turn the piece over, and the superior hand-finishing of the in-house HMC 802 movement is revealed through caseback sapphire.  The movement incorporates a precision-enhancing original Straumann DOUBLE Hairspring® with stabilised Breguet everceil.   

In-keeping with Moser’s solution to a quick turnaround at service times, the innovative modular tourbillon cage is interchangeable. A resplendent 18-carat red gold rotor professes the exclusivity of each model, with an inscription engraved with each unique limited edition reference number. 

In a final flourish of luxury, the H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Tourbillon comes presented on a suitably refined black alligator strap with a carbon-effect matte finish.

At the Limited Edition, we appreciate the rarity of the H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Tourbillon which is limited to just 20 pieces worldwide.  But we also love how it represents a perfect blend of contemporary styling and supreme traditional watchmaking techniques. 




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