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Encelade Cufflinks

For lovers of the miniature mechanical hearts which power today’s breed of high quality luxury watches, the irresistible animated cufflinks and high-tech writing instruments by French company Encelade are the ultimate novelties, perfecting that sartorial finishing touch for formal or executive wear.

Full of motion and utterly compelling to the eye, their three dimensional features spin, rotate and gyrate constantly and effortlessly with every move of the wrist.  In true time-honoured watchmaking tradition, and to Haute Horlogerie standards of workmanship, Encelade’s cufflinks are hand assembled and finished in its French atelier in limited edition collections, and feature the world’s smallest ball bearings to ensure smooth and frictionless action.

The result are little mobile worlds which are outstanding in every sense, and with rotating skulls and watch rotors, tumbling dice or the twisting spectacle of a gyrating mechanical sculpture, are an essential element of the well-heeled modern gentleman’s wardrobe.

They are manufactured in four styles in steel with mirror polished finish, or PVD treatments in black or blue, up to all rose gold or virtually any combination the Encelade cufflink collections are stunning and mesmerising complements to a dress occasion.

The Encelade Rotor Collection are faithful yet fun recreations of real watch calibres, right down to their tiny movement plates, complete with rubies and gear cogs, whose only purpose is to add to the detail and topped off with an oscillating symmetrically styled rotor. The Skull, while slightly less intricate, also spins around.

Perhaps the symbolism of the rolling Dice Collection strikes a chord instead, as it’s little cube tumbles and falls through 360° on two axis, while the fabulous Gyro with its spinning inner feature does it with three.

Encelade have not stopped with cufflinks either, and applying the same demanding design and manufacturing standards, its 1798 Stylo is a writing instrument for the connoisseur.  Ergonomic and made in lightweight titanium its ultra-modern styling features the superb novelty of a little 18Kt gold weight, which travels freely up and down a vertical screw shaft, its fins fanning out as it moves, fully exposed though cutaway viewing panels.

Fascinating, amusing, impractical and luxurious, Encelade cufflinks are highly individual pieces with sophisticated presence, which stand out at the boardroom table or the black tie occasion. 



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