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Cvstos La Gustave Eiffel Gold Tourbillon

The early 2000’s, with their wave of creativity and innovation saw the raise and success of some of the most inventive minds within the watch industry, who conceived some of the most ground breaking watch enterprises. Cvstos, established in 2005, is definitely one of the most interesting.

The meeting between future brand CEO Sassoun Sirmakes and the established Antonio Terranova, brand’s Chief Designer, triggered the creation of one of the most avant-gardist Maisons in watch making. The instantly recognizable Tonneau shaped cases and their elaborate exposed dials soon became the house signature and have not failed to strike the Connoisseurs’ imagination since.

The brand name derives from the Latin, meaning “guardian”, which in the brand’s terms protects the burning passion driving the creative process, aiming at conceiving ahead-of-time watch making and pioneering a one-of-a-kind modernity in both, design and engineering of mechanical solutions.

French legend Gerard Depardieu and Spanish Moto-GP driver Dani Pedrosa’s involvement have brought the brand’s awareness to the next level, making of Cvstos one of the quirkiest and sought-after creative manufacturers.

As part of the series led by La Gustave Eiffel, La Gustave Eiffel Gold Tourbillon

The limited edition is pleased to present this iconic timepiece, which for architectural and aesthetic conception has few equals. La Gustave Eiffel Gold Tourbillon is inspired by its namesake, the French architect and civil engineer whose works shaped much of the late 19th century, and his most famous project, the Eiffel Tower.

Besides the impressive work on the 18K pink gold case, which, as per the limited edition in steel or bronze/steel, takes direct inspiration from the architectural framework of the tower, this 10-piece limited edition features a unique hi-precision flying tourbillon movement.

It is said that Cvstos took inspiration in the engineering of this movement from Gustave Eiffel’s work on the tower’s original elevators, some of which, quite amazingly, have been running since the opening of the Universal exhibition in 1889. This process of inspirational creativity is expressed by details such as the visible perforated barrel drum, which allows a sneaky view of the movement charging status. The overall see-through construction of dial and case back is also reminiscent of the aesthetic effect given by the tower: light and yet solid, very firmly rooted on the ground.

The Cvstos calibre CVS2600 TOURBILLON-S has been conceived to take overall chronometric performance to the extreme. The technical solution of keeping the tourbillon cage completely independent allows both better precision as well as increased aesthetic purity. The level of decor and finishing speaks for itself as an absolute highlight; a real pleasure to examine in detail.

We believe the overall visual effect is the defining element of this timepiece. The beauty and grace given by the sublime tourbillon cage are of added value to a timepiece that is destined to linger in all Cvstos aficionados’ minds and a few more besides.


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