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Cvstos Challenge La Gustave Eiffel

The early 2000s, with their wave of creativity and innovation, saw the rise and success of some of the most inventive minds within the watch industry, conceiving some of the most groundbreaking watch enterprises. Cvstos, established in 2005, is definitely one of the most interesting.

The meeting between future brand CEO Sassoun Sirmakes and the established Antonio Terranova, the brand’s chief designer, triggered the creation of one of the most avant-gard maisons in watch-making. The instantly recognisable tonneau-shaped cases and their elaborate exposed dials soon became the house signature and have been consistently catching the eye and imagination of connoisseurs ever since.

The brand name derives from the Latin, meaning “guardian”. It represents protecting the burning passion that drives the Cvstos creative process, aiming at conceiving ahead-of-their-time watch-making and pioneering a one-of-a-kind modernity in both the design element and the mechanical engineering.

French legend Gerard Depardieu and Spanish MotoGP driver Dani Pedrosa’s involvement have brought awareness of the brand to the next level, making Cvstos one of the quirkiest and most sought-after watch manufacturers.

The new Cvstos Challenge La Gustave Eiffel limited edition pays homage to the legendary French civil engineer and architect, who was given the soubriquet the engineer of the universe, and one of his most iconic projects, the Eiffel Tower.

This limited edition of 324 pieces in either steel or bronze and steel is particularly impressive for the intricacy of the overall architectural concept, which reproduces the cross of St Andrew’s typical patterns, as well as for the detailed interpretation of one of the absolute modern classics in architecture.

The stunning polish and satin-finished bronze Challenge case creates unique patterns and brilliantly matches the visual effect and magnificence of the interwoven metalwork of the tower itself, which was built for the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1889.

The open dial reveals the CVSTOS CVS350 automatic movements powered by a 42-hour minimum power reserve, featuring an affichage with three hands and skeletonised date disc.

The attention to even the tiniest details is second to none, as seen in the dial work with pink gold and Super-LumiNova index as well as the case-back with its visible pink gold screws, shaped in the exclusive Cvstos technology pattern.

It would take a concerted effort not to appreciate the design’s clever blend of traditional architectural model as embodied by la Tour Eiffel, and the contemporary hi-tech interpretation typical of Cvstos.



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