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Characterised by a blend of cutting-edge materials and traditional craftsmanship, the CVSTOS Challenge Chrono II Grey Carbon watch displays bold styling and technical innovation.  The contemporary monochrome aesthetics of this handsome sports timekeeper exert a strong presence on the wrist, while its bold styling captures the confidence of this youthful Independent Watchmaking company.

Since their launch in 2005, CVSTOS have quickly gained the attention of discerning collectors throughout the world.  While their tonneau-shaped watchcases and signature dial-side exposé sections are instantly recognisable, the company are equally well known for their design finesse and meticulous craftsmanship.

The CVSTOS Challenge Chrono II Grey Carbon watch features a striking steel tonneau-shaped case inlayed with grey carbon fibre.  While the use of high-tech carbon fibre is not uncommon within the watch industry, unusually, CVSTOS have hand-worked the carbon as if it were a precious artisanal material and in doing so, have created visually stunning carbon fibre marquetry panels.

In order to create the panels, tiny slivers of carbon are individually laser-cut and laid by hand to create a perfect veneer. In order to create an exacting finish, seven coats of lacquer are applied to the carbon sections, followed by successive oven-firings.  A final levelling of the carbon surface, by means of robotic correction, followed by a manual polish, ensures perfection.  Adding a Métiers d’Art aspect to this model, the combination of meticulous handcrafting and machining also brings extraordinary beauty and depth to the technical material
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