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A phenomenal timepiece with unprecedented, show-stopping features, the Christophe Claret Poker watch Ref PCK05.021-040 captures the excitement of a genuine game of Poker made possible by mechanisms which are entirely mechanical.  At a glance one cannot fail to marvel at the prowess and creativity of this Master Watchmaker and what he can achieve within the diminutive confinements of a watchcase.

This is an astounding watch, defined by statistics.  The piece incorporates a complete 52-card game which follows the rules of poker, including all its different combinations.  Thus, when activated, it becomes an actual Texas Hold’em game for three players, enabling a staggering 98,304 combinations so that each person has approximately the same chances of winning.

Complex in the extreme, its development required the unwavering attention of two watchmaker-constructors full time, for a period of two years.

On its own, the impressive gaming function would have been enough to woo even the most discerning collector.  But, with immaculate craftsmanship throughout it is also boasts exquisitely beautiful aesthetics too.

The model carries a luxurious 45mm red gold case of 5N purity.  The central orange lacquered sapphire and black PVD-treated hour and minute hands are stunning.  Elsewhere the dial design takes inspiration from the unique Automaton game, compelling its wearer to play, play, play.

The pusher at 9 o’clock begins the game by setting 4 concentric spinning discs, each printed with playing card faces, in motion. Each disc is capable of representing each of 32,768 different card combinations.  At random, the discs stop so each of the three players can glimpse their cards through an aperture designed for ultimate secrecy.  To reveal the flop, activate the pusher at 10 o’clock and to reveal in sequence the turn and river cards, activate the pusher at 8 o’clock.  In-keeping with Christophe Claret’s acumen for chiming mechanisms, each time a pusher is activated it is accompanied by the delicate sound of a cathedral gong.

Turn the piece over and a miniature roulette wheel is re-created making use of the oscillating rotor.   Once activated, the weight turns before stopping at random at one of the 37 numbers on the inner ring.

Such a complex timepiece requires an equally complicated calibre.  Comprising of 655 components, the PCK05 Manufacture movement incorporates a Swiss Lever escapement and twin barrels which enable approximately 72 hours of power reserve.

An ingenious and imaginative timepiece which promises to captivate and mesmerise its wearer, the Christophe Claret Poker Red Gold model is an exclusive limited series of just 20 pieces and comes presented on a luxurious black alligator leather strap.
© 2019 The Limited Edition
© 2018 The Limited Edition
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