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Recently named by Ernst and Young as one of Germany’s top twenty luxury global brands, Buben and Zorweg has earned its reputation in the manufacture of exquisite storage and display units, which are designed to complement the sleek, clean and minimalist direction of the modern living space.

For the serious watch collector, there’s always been one little problem; you really can only wear one watch at a time. From the moment one watch becomes two, and the lure begins to prove irresistible, then something has to be done to look after the off-duty watches to preserve their good condition. Since its beginnings in 1995 with its first high-quality watch winders, Buben and Zorweg has grown to become recognised as the pinnacle of luxury watch storage solutions, with a customer list which would be the envy of any small company.

When it comes to the quality of workmanship, Germany’s standing across the world is unparalleled, and using only the very finest of natural materials as well as contemporary high tech composites, from its ateliers in Stuttgart, a workforce of highly skilled craftspeople specialise in creating the Buben and Zorweg range of collections, from its desktop Time Mover watch winders, through to standalone Objects of Time centrepieces and remarkable safes, and even haute horlogerie timepieces, each product is a masterpiece in its class.

From its simplest two-piece Safe Master winders all the way up to the magnificent, and often bespoke multifunction cabinets which grace palaces, superyachts and penthouse suites, Buben and Zorweg are defined by outstanding design, exceptional build quality and technical innovation, from the cool futuristic sculptured style of the Revolution winder, to the gleaming varnish of the macassar cabinet of the Grande Connoisseur, the immaculate detailing and finishing is quite extraordinary throughout.

With options which span from the weird and the wonderful art-tech pieces like the Object de Temps 1, or the X-007 Extreme safe, whose valuables rise up from its centre, to the streamlined contoured leviathans, every Buben and Zorweg is a monument to the care of the fine watchmaking within, and a sophisticated statement of luxury lifestyle.

Inside these spectacular creations, complex technical systems bring their aesthetics to life, with touch or remote activated silent gliding panels revealing an array of functions and options with humidors, bar and thermal stability among the choices, and that’s not all.

For more than a decade now, Buben and Zorweg has been integrating its own Haute Horlogerie timepieces into many of its larger pieces, and its flying tourbillon clock with steel and sapphire weight demonstrates the proficiency which, by applying the same uncompromising approach to horology, and even watchmaking, as to the breathtaking creations upon which it has established itself as the leader in the ultimate luxury watch collector’s accessory.


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