From one of the most prestigious names in contemporary independent watchmaking comes a watch which pushes the parameters of design, execution and materials to create a spectacular piece of modern horologic art.

In every sense an outstanding piece, in its completely transparent case which exposes virtually every component contained within, the Récital 26 Brainstorm by independent watch manufacturer Bovet takes the traditional fine art of hand crafted haute horlogerie into another dimension, in a watch which defies convention and which carries a captivating presence on the wrist.

Constructed inside a case manufactured almost entirely out of sapphire crystal, save for a titanium bezel ring with lugs underneath to which the case is fixed, the Récital 26 Brainstorm is light in weight, as well as in nature as the ultra-hard glass-like structure allows light to flood into its deepest recesses.

Beautiful to behold, the sapphire case makes the watch distinctively different, as from every angle the immaculately executed movement can be appreciated in full, and in three dimensions too. The ‘writing slope’ case tapers from top to bottom with a wedge-like side profile, and so the display is tilted towards the wearer at an angle of 9ª, creating a wonderful cascading effect as the eye takes in a quite spectacular mechanical vista.

Nestling between a double moon phase display above and a rotating sun tourbillon cage beneath is an translucent, glassy dome of black quartz which dominates the dial, seemingly floating in the centre. Amid the mechanical background, the time in hours and minutes is clear and legible, while through its dark tint, the movement remains visible below.

The dial has cutaways at both extremes, and in its upper half a domed moon phase disc alternates between a matte satin finish, with polished lunar detailing and a pair of circular dark blue aventurine panels, and it rotates beneath a horizontal double aperture, which means that the moon phases in both the northern and southern hemispheres are always on display simultaneously.

In the lower half, the flying tourbillon features a sun motif on its cage, and indicates the seconds as it rotates in it sixty-second cycle. With the balance spring and escapement separated, the elegant and sophisticated regulating organ is visible on both sides, and virtually alone in a space of its own, seems to be suspended and free of the rest of the movement.

Either side of the central hours and minutes dial, two further indicators enhance the symmetry of the dial, and at the eight o’clock position display the date, whose discs are clearly visible and align inside a ring aperture, while across on the other side, near the five o’clock position, the power reserve is indicated as a tapering crescent.

Turned over, and the lugs extend out from a titanium bezel ring, which also provides a secure anchorage for the screws which join the upper and underside parts of the sapphire case. Viewed from behind, and through the side of the case, the movement has a stepped architecture where its components, bridges and indications are configured to complement the profile of the case, as well as optimising the wonderful aesthetic qualities of this extraordinary mechanical masterpiece.

Boasting several patented innovations, aimed specifically at enhancing chronometry and reducing friction between engaging gear wheels, each tiny component of the manual winding Manufacture 17DM03-TEL calibre is not only hand crafted and individually finished to an exceptionally high standard in-house, even down to that most elusive ability of producing its own hairspring, but those infinitesimal tolerances mean that it is able to derive an impressive ten day minimum power reserve from its single barrel.

A watch of very unique and distinct beauty, the Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter One by Bovet 1822 is an incredible testament to a remarkable, fully independent watch manufacture, where artisanal haute horlogerie is nurtured and continues to rise to ever elevated levels of complexity, refinement and exclusivity.ents for the Bovet 1822 Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter One, so already this remarkable and magnificent wristwatch is an exclusive collectable.


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