A spectacular and elaborate showcase of technical mastery, the Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance First Edition watch heralds a new era for the company’s astoundingly complex Resonance concept. Presented in a restyled case-form and introducing a newly designed movement and dial to the series, this exclusive edition has the added prestige of a strictly limited production of 25 pieces.

An exciting independent watchmaking company with a portfolio characterised by innovation and ingenuity, the Armin Strom Manufacture is acclaimed amongst discerning collectors throughout the world. From their ateliers in Biel/Beinne, watches of unparalleled complexity and beauty are crafted, and while the company uphold the exacting standards of traditional Haute Horlogerie craftsmanship, their philosophy is to continually invent, develop and improve on  centuries-old horological mechanisms, re-inventing them with state-of-the-art methods.

In their pursuit of accuracy, stability and consistency, the company first   presented their revolutionary Resonance concept in 2016. The innovation introduced a new, unique solution to the curious phenomenon wherein the regularity of timekeeping can be influenced by the synchronisation of two balance wheels oscillating in opposite directions at the same time. Featuring this groundbreaking technology within a stunning new setting, the Mirrored Force Resonance First Edition is a compelling proposition.

Completely redesigned for this model, and bringing a more slender profile to the series, the watch carries a stainless steel case of 43mm diameter, with a height of 11.55mm. Subtle detailing such as the refinement of the signature lip at the six o’clock and trimmer lugs ensure a more elegant wrist wear than previous models, while the addition of a pronounced sapphire glass gives the wearer a more in-depth appreciation of every aspect of the dial side panorama laid beneath.

Throughout the entire facade of the model, the combination of tones, ranging from anthracite to steely grey is instantly aesthetically pleasing and the off-centred dial, rendered in a black-gold tone adds to the palette. Just beside the hour and minutes dial, a pair of open-worked seconds dials, each with a triple-armed hand, run counter to each other thanks to the equally unusual paired balances, and the continuously pulsing tiny steel spring clutch between them which keeps the two oscillating in perfect synchronicity. It is in fact the mechanical wizardry of resonance, and the precise proximity of the balances to each other which means that, even after having been knocked out of sync by an impact, they are returned to the same harmonious frequency without erring inaccuracy.

The intriguing dial side of the watch is matched by full disclosure of the in-house Armin Strom Manufacture ARF21 manual winding calibre through the sapphire crystal caseback. Completely redesigned,  its unusual architecture comprises of twin barrels that store and release the energy for the movement as it beats at 25,200 vph over 48 hours. Enhancing the arrangement, the calibre blends avant-garde watchmaking with vintage inspiration, evident on the pocket-watch style ratchet wheels and pawls which also add a pleasurable aspect to the winding experience and also through the beautifully engraved scripting on the darkened mainplate.

A technically masterful timepiece defined by its complex mechanical arrangement and beautiful craftsmanship, the Armin Strom Mirrored Force Resonance First Edition is a strictly limited release of 25 pieces.


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