To mark the occasion of its tenth anniversary, Swiss independent watch company Armin Strom are celebrating with a truly exceptional and highly exclusive watch, which combines a classical Grande Complication with its own gorgeous horologic innovation, creating a captivating spectacle, in a production which is capped at only ten remarkable pieces.

The Armin Strom Minute Repeater Resonance Masterpiece 2 is a watch of profound complexity, immaculate finishing and real beauty, and a piece which marks this important milestone in emphatic style, meticulous in every detail and showcasing the DNA of the company’s progressive watchmaking.

Within a cavernous round 47.7mm case of Grade 5 titanium beats an exquisitely crafted work of mechanical art, with its complications laid bare and exposed as it marks the passing of time visually and in the delicate chime of hammer and gong.

Beneath the gentle curvature of the sapphire crystal, the display is three dimensional, and the time is displayed on an offset sapphire glass dial for the hours and minutes. The dial is surrounded by the circular coils of the repeater’s gongs, and just below the twelve o’clock position two polished hammers strike off the passing hours, quarters and minutes in chimes, with the large titanium case providing optimal acoustics for the sound to resonate.

In the lower portion of the dial area, resonance is used in a different sense as a zig-zag clutch couples the twin balance wheels into a uniform synchronicity as the effect of resonance, and the laws of physics govern their mirrored oscillations, and as well as delivering the precision of unchanging constant force, also enhance the movement’s energy efficiency by up to 20%.

Flanking the sapphire dial, two elongated gold bridges curve and reach inwards where the balance wheels are held from above, and they contribute to the symmetry of the face, which is one of the most striking aspects of the Minute Repeater Resonance.

Inside, the movement is entirely conceived and developed in-house in collaboration with Circle de Horlogers, and from a single barrel, two mainsprings provide 96 hours autonomy for the time and repeater functions. As well as being immensely complex, the execution is superb, and every component has been finished by hand to the uncompromising standards of contemporary Haute Horlogerie.

As a snapshot in time of an independent watch company’s first ten years, the Armin Strom Minute Repeater Resonance Masterpiece 2 is a stunning example of hand crafted watchmaking, and with only ten pieces ever to be produced, is a watch for the discerning collector of significant timepieces.


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