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From every aspect, the Armin Strom Manual Air watch is a showcase for watchmaking excellence.  Aimed at the aficionado who appreciates traditional craftsmanship, the model also boasts contemporary styling touches.

The Armin Strom brand is widely acclaimed for meticulous hand-finishing and skeletonisation techniques.  Having achieved vertical integration, this resolutely independent watchmaking company can control every stage of the manufacturing process of each of their small-series editions.

Part of the “Elements” series which represents the earthly components which are believed to be essential to life itself, The Armin Strom Manual Air watch demonstrates the company’s prowess for combining Haute Horlogerie techniques with thoroughly modern aesthetics.

The watch features a contemporary, rounded 43.40 mm titanium case with a trim, polished bezel and robust lugs.    At the 6 o’clock location, the instantly recognisable protruding lip, which is synonymous with the company, offers the potential to add a personalised, engraved motif.

For this model, the mainplate of the movement becomes the dial, and its fine concentric decoration provides the perfect backdrop for the time indications.

In an off-centred position, the hours and minutes are marked on a white dial ring with hour numerals in single format and minutes in double-digits. To aid readability, the razor-tipped hour and minute hands have been lume-coated.  A smaller white dial ring, for the seconds, leans over towards the 9 o’clock position, while at the 3 o’clock location, the Armin Strom logo is engraved upon a plate with visible screws.

In contrast to the pristine, contemporary aesthetic of the dial rings and numerals, an open section between 12 and 3 o’clock reveals the traditional spirit of the mechanics of the watch, with a view of the mainspring barrel and the gear train.

This superb exposé offers a glimpse at partly skeletonised bridges with their deeply set intense jewels and the toothed wheels of the gears, which the wearer can see in motion when setting the time.

Turn the piece over, and the advantages of this manual-wound calibre can be immediately appreciated.  Bereft of a rotor, the wearer is offered an uninterrupted view of the impeccable craftsmanship of the Armin Strom Manufacture AMW11 movement.

Here, a glimpse deep into the heart of the calibre reveals a compelling view of an old-school screwed balance, surrounded by exquisite perlage bridges, while elsewhere, the meticulous concentric hand-finishing on the mainplate continues.  Beating at a leisurely 18,000vph, the movement has a power reserve of 120 hours.

The Armin Strom Manual Wind Air wristwatch wears on a white horn-back alligator leather strap and comes supplied with an additional rubber strap.  The model is an exclusive limited edition of just 100 pieces.



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