An astonishing masterpiece of contemporary haute horlogerie from one of Russia’s most exciting young talents, the Lotus table clock by Anton Suhanov is a breathtaking piece of profound technical complexity, elegant aesthetic beauty, and immaculate craftsmanship, which enchants, beguiles and fascinates the eye of the admirer.

Inspired by the lotus flower, which for centuries has been a symbol of spirituality and good fortune to civilisations around the globe, the Anton Suhanov Lotus clock features a world time display at its base, out of which a slender stainless steel stem rises vertically, terminating at a sealed bud of rhodiumised petals, which open and close in a twelve-hour cycle, to expose the truly mesmerising heartbeat of this magnificent creation.

Encased within a sapphire crystal dome, the open flower reveals the captivating spectacle of a tri-axial tourbillon, as it rotates and gyrates in a constantly mobile three dimensional exhibition of awe inspiring mechanical animation. Originally conceived at the turn of the eighteenth century, to negate the effects of gravity on the precision of the pocket watch, with its graceful sophistication and endless intrigue the tourbillon today is a hallmark of the master watchmaker’s skill and engineering finesse.

As the visual and technical centrepiece of the clock, this extraordinary piece of horologic complexity is a feat of hand manufactured micro mechanical engineering. Whereas the classical tourbillon has a single carriage, inside which the balance and escapement regulate the release of the mainspring’s energy, Suhanov’s Lotus clock boasts three independent carriages, their components painstakingly machined out of titanium.

With each carriage rotating on its own axis, and each one at a different speed, the outermost cage is bookended with a wheel at either end and rotates around a toothed ring, completing its cycle once every sixty seconds. It carries a second horizontal assembly which bridges across the centre of the mechanism, and revolves on its own axis every twenty one seconds, while the first and innermost carriage is defined as a purple anodised titanium butterfly, which contains the hairspring and escapement, and rotates in a brisk eighteen second cycle.

In low light, this phenomenon takes on yet another dimension, as the flaming balance with solid luminous inserts embedded into each of the three finely tuned, weighted elements glow, and form an illuminated green circle, blurred into one continuous ring by the oscillation of the balance.

This wonderous visual spectacle receives its own energy via a long pinion, which connects the tri-axial tourbillon through the hollow steel stem with the movement which is housed in the base of the clock. Manufactured to the uncompromising standards of classical haute horlogerie, the key wound movement comprises 351 components and operates at 18’000 vib/h, boasting a power reserve of twelve days.

The time is displayed on the base of the clock, via a twenty-four hour disc and an inner fifteen minutes disc which rotate past a static arrow, the minutes passing four times every hour, indicating the home time, while an outer ring can be adjusted manually to show the time in twenty-four time zones.

With almost every component manufactured and finished by the hand of this prodigious young watchmaker in his Saint Petersburg atelier, only seven numbered examples of this exceptional Anton Suhanov Lotus Clock will be produced, ensuring exclusivity for this remarkable horological centrepiece for all time.


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