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Andreas Strehler Sauterelle

Regulated energy

Andreas Strehler is one of the best-known watchmakers of his generation. In a career defined by industry firsts, this limited edition piece has provided the famed independent with an entry into the Guinness World Records. His Sauterelle à Lune Perpétuelle is officially the most precise lunar phase wristwatch, with a deviation of only one day in 2,060,757 years. It’s an extraordinary engineering endeavour.

Only in appearance analogous to the Cocon models, the Sauterelle collection has brought the quest for accurate timekeeping to a different level, engineering a system which virtually eliminates any possible obstacle impeding the escapement.

All of this can be appreciated through the aperture on the left side of the dial, along with the three arms bridge bearing the second wheel, which span the aperture just above the nine. The horological intuition of setting the remontoir d’egalité on the second wheel, as opposed to the conventional solution on the escapement wheel, is a brand new approach to timekeeping accuracy; the satellite wheel charged by the mainspring and set on the second wheel providing a constant and linear supply of energy to the balance.

And if you thought the dial and appearance of the face of this timepiece was stunning, elegant and intriguing, when you then experience the view through the sapphire crystal case back you are taken on a visual journey of technical intricacy and aesthetic harmony.

The architecture of the movement itself and the famous Strehler’s signature touch, the papillon-shaped bridge, dominate the scene. The contrast with the gear train and the sublime decoration of the movement create a rare effect of admirable sophistication.


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