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Technically impressive in every respect, the DeWitt Academia Skeleton Rose Gold watch underscores DeWitt’s position within the upper echelon of Haute Horlogerie.

With just a glance, at the black gold open-worked dial, characterised by a satin-finished bridge with indented angles, it becomes immediately apparent that this is a very special timepiece indeed. But, it is the constant motion of the
bi-retrograde seconds display at the 7 o’clock location which will no doubt demand, and receive, its wearers undivided attention.

Here, DeWitt have created a unique and mesmerising display, styled to recall the movement of automobile windshield wipers.

Taking the form of a silver-toned arc, the seconds are marked in two sections. The seconds hand moves along the arc from zero to 30, before instantly extending to reach the upper section in order to travel in the opposite direction from 30-60. After reaching the 60 mark it instantly re-positions itself by retracting back to the lower section where it begins its fascinating motion once again. In order to achieve this extraordinary display, two sets of gears are required, one for each direction.

Positioned at 1 o’clock, the power reserve indication is an equally complex addition. DeWitt based the system featured on this watch on their award-winning satellite principle which won the innovation award at the Grand Prix de l’Horlogerie de Genève in 2005. Uniquely, it has an arrow indication mounted atop a constantly moving arrangement of planetary gears. Visible screws on the silver-toned frame add an industrial aesthetic. Double barrel construction ensures a generous 100 hours reserve of power.

To complete this superb panorama, the craftsmen at DeWitt have meticulously satin-finished the bezel flange in black gold colour tone, giving contrast to the 18-carat rose gold three-dimensional appliqué hour markers.
A full exposé of the DeWitt Manufacture hand-wound movement is further enhanced by the sapphire crystal case back, revealing the wheels sculptured in relief.
Very much a watch for the discerning collector, the DeWitt Academia Skeleton Rose Gold timepiece carries its complex indications and innovative mechanisms within an elegant 18-carat rose gold case with black rubber “Imperial Column” case middle inserts.


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