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The Limited Edition – Online Luxury Watch Store

The Limited Edition – Online Luxury Watch Store

The Limited Edition was conceived by a group of visionary luxury collectors, passionate about fine and beautifully made Watches, and keen to gain more direct access to whatever in life is « limited ».

In a world where everything is generally available in great quantity, The Limited Edition nurtures both the love for finely made items and the creative spirit behind any high-end limited production, perpetuated by the top luxury manufacturers.

This is the Collectors Place where you’ll be led on a journey through the rarest collections, offered exciting imagery, comprehensive product knowledge and in-depth reviews of every item, to guide you to make the right choices for your own collection.

Our aim is to become the ultimate limited editions guide and marketplace for collectors.

The Limited Edition guarantees the origin of every item. All editions come with the producer’s official warranty and are delivered directly by the manufacturer, authorized retailers or selected sources.

Explore at your leisure; enjoy the journey.

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